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About this blog

I post daily progress I make... if there is any.

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Had some progress!

wow I'm awake for 27 hours. This entry will be somewhat insane. works done so far from last milestone
1. Rework home menu
2. Added some items to the shop
3. Matching function for schedule menu
4. Emblems for every division.
5. and every rank. Next milestone
1. Finish schedule menu
2. keep make more items
3. Think of ways to save data, select the best, realize it. (uh, maybe next, next milestone) Honestly, my assets are not the fanciest, so I had to make sure they don't look too bad.
Can a person read a newspaper that stays still, or the one which moves like insane? (Don't ask how)
At least you can recognize that it is a paper, but you will never know what is written on it. (Unless it stops.)
I tried somewhat similar thing. I made huge rings that rotates on the background, give rotation on the items in the shop menu and more.
By doing so, I can distract the focus, making users look at the forest not the tree. "That looks not bad!"
Well, that is what I think.
Oh well, gotta sleep now.

Sunwoo Park

Sunwoo Park


Message, Companies and Item categories.

[size=1]I'm not using any physics engine. Machines are not being destroyed despite their health reaching zero because it's not finished yet. I'm a student from South Korea, studying game development.
I do everything myself, from making graphic resources to actual coding.
I've been working on this one since February for quite a while. This game is about building your own unmanned machine, battling in a league or tournament.
Chassis, turret, weapons and modules can be customized and upgraded with time and credit. I just hope I can finish this by next month. Thank you for reading!

Sunwoo Park

Sunwoo Park

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