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j2me game programming

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early concept

here is a very early concept picture which shows how the game would work from a graphical perspective.




new project

okay, even though i have a lot of ideas for mobile games i have decided to start working on a project i have been wanting to do for a long time.
the basic idea is very similar to the good old transport tycoon, with some parts removed and some parts added; transport passengers and goods between cities and industries. obviously i cant have all the forms of transportation but will have to keep it to around two, buses and lorries. and ill have to limit the map size and complexity for a bit.
the part that im very excited about is a feature that fits mobile games very much, which is a persistant world. it will not require a network connection (even though a mmorpg version sounds appealing) but simply run the required amount of ticks when the user starts the game, thus emulating that the game have been running when logged out.
this means you could log in while on your way to work and change a schedule of a bus in the game and then log out again, or log in for a couple of minutes just to check you profits.
the graphic engine will be tilebased in a 3d like pixel world.
i will be posting concept art soon.




first entry

ok so i just signed up for this gdnet+ thing, thought it would be a good idea. im a j2me game developer and will be posting stuff that goes on in my current projects at work and in my spare time, and hopefully it will be of interest to some of you out there.



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