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About this blog

Starting over is tough, but that's not stopping me from pursuing a respectable skillset.

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Ah... Community

Wow, you guys are real friendly! Thanks for your well-wishing. I've never participated in any sort of large community like this before and it feels a bit weird, but I'll try to be an active member.

As for my current activities.. I've begun messing around with SDL under Linux. This should allow me to port stuff quickly and easily. If it turns out to be significantly slower than just doing straight DirectX under Win, then I guess I'll have to learn COM also. I'm hoping it doesnt come to that.

mother ik

mother ik


First post!

So here it be... mine first journal entry. Herein I shall cover the purpose of keeping this journal. But first a little introduction.

Years ago halfway between the 486s and the P5s I was the lead coder of a little programming group at school. My initial vision was to become quite good at what we do and have much fun doing it. I wanted us to be the best that we could possibly be and produce some bada** games.

Unfortunately, I was also very idealistic and immature at the time and eventually managed to screw over my chances at becoming a game designer. Those in the group eventually moved on without me and I have now pretty much lost contact with them. I have been living with this shame for quite some time now.

That is, until recently. I have afforded myself some forgiveness and have renewed my ambitions. It's time to begin the journey again, this time with some realistic goals. This journal will serve as a place for me to reflect on my current progress and plan the steps required to get myself on to the career path I've always wanted to travel.

mother ik

mother ik

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