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Fork Particle Improves Its YouTube Channel

[font=arial][color=#000000]Hi Folks, I am delighted to announce that Fork Particle has improved its YouTube Channel to a greater degree. Now it is more categorized and clear as ever. We have created different playlists right in the main channel view through which the users will find it easy what they want to watch whether the newest uploads, tutorials, integration videos or video games footage which have incorporated Fork Particle in them.[/color][/font] [font=arial][color=#000000]Our another exciting addition in the channel is the playlist titled "Games Powered With Fork Effects" This will entail the footage of those video games which have Fork Particle inside.[/color][/font] [color=#000000][font=Calibri] [font=arial]Click here to view our latest changes in the YouTube Channel as well as our recent upload in Voodoo Wizard powerful magic series. Here is the latest full animation video as well for all of you[/font] :)[/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Calibri][/font][/color]




Character Animation Effects Director - Using Fork Particle

Fork Particle - The middleware for particle effects technology has introduced a very nifty feature in its particle effects system toolkit. It is called the character animation effects director. This will allow the vfx artists to play their character model right in the particle studio. The director mode will allow the artists to attach particle effects with the FBX model. The user can control such details as the length of effects segments, control over FBX animations start/stop, and attaching effects to the desired skeletal animation bone nodes such as head, wrists and fingers. For example, A character sword swipe can have a sword trail or a heavy animation punch can have a fire ball. In Fork Particle studio, The art team is super busy these days to bring a wizard called "Voodoo" to life. The team has produced this character with some classic magical animations coupled with various exotic particle effects attached to his animations and according to his magic actions. The user can also attach sound to these effects right in the particle studio. Let me share the full animation video having the complete mock up of the future. Its still not final and gold but enough to have an idea of the feature. As one can see that magic effects are attached to the different bones of the character. His staff, Magic skull, and the entire model is generating numerous effects. I will get back to it with deeper details and more showcase with sound. Till then feedback & comments are welcome :)



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