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with great journal comes great responsibility

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This is a great moment for our planet. A legendary journal is born. :o But the problem is I'm the only one who thinks it's legendary. <_< Nobody will probably read it. But I'm okay with its fate. Like any true masterpiece, it will be discovered many centuries later. ^_^

If anyone is stupid enough to be reading this, then I want to tell you only one thing - go get a life, man, srsly. <_<

I will be posting my thoughts and maybe some code while working on my shiny new 3D first-person mega turbo shoooooter. GREAT, right?

RIGHT??? :cool:

I knooow, it's going to be so much fuuunn. ^_^ I know you can't wait. I will do it as fast as I can tomorrow, because I'll go to sleep now, it's 3 am. See you tomorrow, my loyal co-nerd. :wub:

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