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I'm looking for people who are willing to help me

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Looking for people experienced in programming and designing.

So, I'm looking for people willing to help me that know how to program and make some sprays to this game.
This is a game with a lot of potential. I really hope that you guys help us.
Please message me to know that you're interested in this proyect.
We are a group by now of 2, me (The man that writes the story) and "Adrian Jev", he's helping with the soundtrack of the game.
We have plenty of the story and the Idea of the game, here's an essay that explains the story, translated from spanish, my native language: Joe Hockins, a man who worked as a scientist in a lab where they were experimenting with all the chemical elements discovered until then.
Year 2022, more than 300 new elements had been discovered and humanity was experimenting with the element 115 (wink to the CoD Zombies Storyline) more known as Ununpentium, which turns out to be extremely dangerous.
Joe was only working in the reporting module, he just had to write the things that where discovered and send it to other labs.
From the day they experimented with the Ununpentium everyone noticed that the weather went totally wild, in a second was raining and in the other was snowing, even in regions that the snow wasn't possible.
Over time a strange radiation was spreading, able to kill, not without first causing several symptoms, until the world population was reduced to 1.000 people.
Among those people, Joe was there with a developed radiation immunity that was thanks to touching the element ____ (Undefined) without any kind of protection.
After touching ____ (Undefined) Joe was acquiring some kind of powers to see the future and traveling through time.
When he manages to control his abilities, he travels to the past and tries to stop the experiments with the elements.
Of course if he stops that, he wouldn't need to touch ____, and that means that he would lose his new time traveling ability.
Is it really worth it to lose your powers to save humanity? Is there another way to save it without losing your powers?



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