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A Tale of Lost Hope and Rebirth

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EDEN - Story Prologue

[font='comic sans ms']It all started with an inception.[/font]
A united wake up call to a group of veteran game developers
gathered under the banner of a simple vision:
create fun and meaningful game experience again.
We don't ask for much. We don't need much.
We want to share with you the fruit of our passion.
Introducing our "precioooousss", [size=7][font='lucida sans unicode']EDEN - Renaissance![/font] ["Helicopter view shows a ruined San Francisco with
collapsed skyscrapers & huge clouds of gray dust;
mountains of debris & crashed cars clog the streets. Cut on a destroyed highway interchange, whole chunks of concrete are missing,
crashed cars burning in rolling clouds of dust. Cut on a destroyed Golden Gate Bridge."]

News of cataclysm is spreading all around the world...
Something is cooking. Governments are meeting each other,
cities are in turmoil, and people can feel the tension around them
everyday, expecting more bad news... [7 cataclysms in 7 days] What could cause all this fuss worldwide?
Planet warming is not at this critical stage yet.

Something seems to be at the origin of it...
something not yet discovered but yet feels so familiar... ["In other news, the excavation is still ongoing at the Antarctic base of Nuwa,
near the South Pole, where a strange, ancient crystal has been dug up
by an international team of scientists earlier this year. Could it be of alien origins? Was it left here by an ancient civilization?
The Internet is buzzing with wild theories as the world,
shaken by the recent natural disasters, hopes for answers..."] Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet...
studies are being done on a strange crystal formation at the heart of the icy earth.

A young and motivated boy is working hard to uncover more knowledge
and secret from this apparently simple rock.

But what started as a mere rock referencing tedious task became
much more for our young archeologist, Ran [RAN : I'll be back on time for the evac!
WORTHINGTON : I guess there's no talking you out of this one, is there?]
Adventurous can be a dangerous trait
when couple with curiosity...
[WORTHINGTON : Calm down, Ran. Why not start by telling me what you've found?]
Ran seems like he is getting closer to the truth of the crystal
And maybe uncover deeper secret within the Earth?
[WORTHINGTON : You are coming back now, Ran.
RAN : Fine. I'm on my way. Ran, over and out.]
Time is tight. But so is the mission.
Ran can smell the reward... and yet cannot see it.

[RAN : Great. Now I'm cut off. What should I do?]
uh, uh.. it doesn't sound very good, does it?
I don't know, don't look at me...

and now.. without signal, without the professor,
alone in the dark...

with only shadows surrounding him... what is going to happen? [font='comic sans ms'] To be continued...[/font]

Ran's journey is about to begin!
Follow us,
we will tell you all about it!
Wanna meet EDEN?



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