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About this blog

News, requests for help etc. Problems and such news, a lot of things that I find the time to post.

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TDLSoftware.org seeks a volunteer VB programmer

Hi Everyone,
As a school project, I am to develop a client that is to update software over the Internet. Since one part is a DLL and the other an executable file, I need to make the DLL accessible from VB.
I am looking for a person who has access to a VB compiler, since most blind game developers use that language to develop their games.

Q: I would be willing to help you. What am I to do?

Since I program in C/C++, I need to make the DLL file that will spawn the executable that will actually do the updating available to VB users.
It is assumed that you have knowledge of the "const char*" C data type and what it corresponds to in VB.
Now, I know *nothing* of VB, so I need a few persons to:
1) Write the necessary VB statements to make the C function accessible to VB users
2) Create a simple VB example program that will show VB users how to integrate the DLL with their application.

I have found some info and know what I, as the C++ programmer, need to do... but as said, VB is not my language...

I hope that someone would be interested in helping me out.
Yours faithfully,




Older games uploaded: TDLGames.com

Hi everyone,
Interested in seeing some of the older games, including a few of the classics in the Visually Impaired people's community?
Then head to
The Archive
to grab some of the titles.
I recommend you *NOT* to download the game contained in the Maze Game folder; the other games in the main folder should be OK, though.

Q: Why not download Maze Game?
A: It's far too simple. It also has a few bugs and such and I don't have the time (or the interest) to try and fix them.

That was all for now.
P.S.: Feel free to drop me a comment; especially, if you use part of the source code posted at




Miscellaneous news

Hi everyone,
Time to post some news and other things that are interesting.

After much work and much experimenting, I finally managed to get high score posting and bug reporting to work. The way this worked before was that the respective functions opened an instance of the standard browser and use the GET method to send required information to the server.
Now, no web browser is opened. Instead, it uses the Windows Sockets to send the required information. I also developed a small test game in order to test it; the source code for that game is up on the members.gamedev.net/TDLSG website.
Also, because this could benefit other users, the source code to the high score posting function will be put up on the website.
Please Note: The Test game is called ChickenKiller. It is linked to a DLL file called TP.DLL. This DLL file is unnecessary for this version; instead, add the .CPP file contained in the HSP.zip file.


A few new games are under development. One of those games is a strategy game. The story goes somewhat like this:

"It is war-time again. From your company, Only ten men have survived until now. And yet, the group is suddenly confronted with a dangerous mission:

'Go to the enemy base. There, you are to find and kill a single man. His number is XXX [xxx will be replaced in the game].'

And now, the group starts moving out and away from their base into the mined area of No Man's Land..."

It is hoped that a little interest will be taken in this game once it is complete.
That was all for now.
Take care,




Hello everyone

Hi everyone,
I have a website where I'm creating games for blind and visually impaired people. It's address is http://www.TDLGames.com

Yet, that is not what I want to talk about.
Realizing that somethings will be easier if libraries exist for it, I have been creating libraries that may provide a basis for your games.
Currently, the libraries include:
1) TDLSoftLib Basic: Gives you basic fundamentals like speaking numbers and playing sounds.
2) TDLSoftLib Pro gives you the above-mentioned features + a general-purpose Object class, a coordinate system and the ability to create none-player characters (or NPCs).,
Also, I have recently started working on a library that'll make it somewhat easier to create multi-player games. Well, some other libraries may exist for this purpose, yet, I have found none.
"Hey now, in that library above, where's all the graphics coding???"
Regarding graphics, I'm sorry. Since I myself is blind, I naturally do not focus on graphics. (Yet, I would be grateful if someone said 'Graphics programming? That's me! And I'd be glad to help you.')
Enough of this.
Check out
for the TDLSoftLib Pro library.
It is here you'll also find the TDLSoftLib NE (network edition) once it is released.
Take care, and I hope to see some of you going to one of the websites listed above to see what this guy has been doing.



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