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Day to day blog of my game development experiences!

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Well, after our game, "Valley of Crescent Mountain" has been greenlit, we are now getting in as much content as we can! We are very excited to start preparing this game for release on Steam. Part of that process is streamlining what we already have implemented. One of those things is our networking system for the tiles. We were lazily replicating all of the tile data at once, and we wondered why the loading on the network was so slow! I made a system tonight that splits up the tiles into sections and replicates the data for those separately! This turned out to work well as I tried to take the tile amount up a notch to over 16k, and there were no loading issues on the network at all! I suppose the motto always is with networking, "only send what you absolutely NEED over the wire."

Well, I am very pleased to say that The Harvest has been Greenlit by the community! After 22 days (Which is nearly PI Weeks) of campaigning on Steam Greenlight, we received a notification from Valve themselves that we had been Greenlit! As a result, the entire team went mad on our Discord chat! We have also started to plan what we are going to do next with The Harvest to bring it closer to release on Steam! Today marks a new milestone in The Harvest's development! I can tell you right now, we have a lot of cool stuff planned for this project and for you guys to see later down the road! I can't wait to see the day where people get together on the harvest and farm and explore the world together on a multiplayer server! I want to give everybody on Gamedev.net who supported our campaign a big thank you! It means a lot to us! We will be sure to keep everybody updated with the latest developments on The Harvest! Stay tuned!

GREENLIT page! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Mostly today I did not have too much time because I spent a lot of the day home from work shopping for microphones and microphone boom stands. I decided I would make the saving and loading and the usual file utilities for the character profiles. I kind of forgot today how to make this saving and loading work with the reflection system that Unreal Engine provides. I would much rather do this than write out raw bytes to the archives because of save file redundancy when new game versions come into play. After spending a bit of time playing with the serialization stuff I managed to get the saving and loading of the character profiles to work flawlessly. We can now pull this data when the user loads into a level to apply any of the skin colors, clothing, etc, that the player may have and send that information across the network!

Vote for us on Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Late last night, @Riuthamus wanted me to make a way for the player to ride pigs in The Harvest! At first when I started mounting the player to the pig mesh, I was very frustrated as the pig would not budge! The Next morning I felt stupid because I had forgotten to disable the collision for the player, since that collision was interfering with the movement of the pig. Anyway, after that stupidity, it was working like a charm, the pig is very fun to ride! We will plan to maybe add more to this in the future to enhance the mechanic of having ride-able animals in game. I also plan to add bags to the sides of some animals that contain item inventories so that you can transport items with ease! I was helping @Navyman package his game in UE4 today since he does not have a Windows machine at the moment. I realized I had forgotten to check the "For Distribution" checkbox in the settings, so it ended up making a development build. These kinds of builds do apparently require Visual Studio to run. A person that he gave the packaged game to complained that Visual Studio was needed to run the game! That is very good for me to keep in mind when we start making production builds for The Harvest!

Check out The Harvest on Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Just added the core features today for the character customization screen. In this screen you will be able to pick out your facial hair, head hair, nose type, skin color, and more when you first start the game. The main thing I have left to do is make some placeholder GUI elements for the facial feature selection and the skin color and other colors selection. Thanks to Unreal Engine's replication system, these custom character features will not be hard to network! Unreal's networking system is quite easy to use for most things and very powerful and stable at the same time! Thanks Epic! Not before too long will we have something cool to show! You guys will just need to wait in suspense!

Vote on our Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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The popular belief among developers running Greenlight campaigns is that there is no hard set yes vote threshold for which a title would likely be greenlit. However, I personally believe that threshold to be around 350 yes votes. I was working on a previous game called Precursor's Dawn that was greenlit at 351 yes votes. This was surely at the lower range of yes votes that greenlit games at the time had. We have spoken with other developers about their yes vote counts that they had when their project was greenlit. Most of their counts were right in the 345 to 350 range at the time they were greenlit by the community! Whether there is a threshold or not, it is surely something interesting to ponder about while you keep on developing your title and rooting for it on Twitter while you wait for yes votes to fly in! I would like to hear what anyone else thinks about this topic!

Go vote on The Harvest on Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Today I had almost forgotten that Visual Studio 2017 came out today after it was in a release candidate stage for a while there. I always complained on how slow Visual Studio 2015 was to load and show intellisense in our C++ UE4 project "The Harvest". I was ecstatic when I went to the Visual Studio website to go get the 2017 version! I installed it after a long wait with uninstalling the old slow version and replacing it with the new! I found the new Visual Studio to be much faster to load and show intellisense suggestions! This will be a big time saver for us as a team since Unreal Engine is pretty much tied to Visual Studio for official IDE support! I also got some other things done with tidying up the backpack and starting the weather system implementation. We are very excited to get this game out to everybody!

Check us out on Steam Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Well, today I was messing with some streaming stuff! @riuthamus gave me a 6 month license with XSplit! He absolutely hates OBS so he insisted that I use it!
So I spent most of the day today setting up all of my Twitch streaming stuff. I ended up streaming a little today! Unfortunately, I did not get much done during that time! Here is the link to the archive on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/126935894 . After the stream however I did get the backpacks working like I wanted to! Later, I will put an inventory component in code into the backpack so that the player can use it as a separate inventory!

Vote for The Harvest on Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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We've got junk in the trunk! The time has come that we put in a way for the player to see extra items in their inventories be shown visually on the side of a backpack! The backpack later will also serve the purpose of holding another inventory for the player to stash their beloved possessions into! We are also working on some weather condition stuff that will tie into the time and season systems! seasons.png

And just a head's up! We will be coming out with something interesting at the end of next week! But you will need to wait to see it!

Check it out on Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Well, it's about that time.... Yes, its time for fishing! We really route in the game to get edible resources apart from just digging a hole in the cold hard ground, stuff a seed into it and let it suck the minerals out of the soil in hopes that it will flourish into a fully grown crop the player can harvest. We need to be able to utilize our water supplies for something in the maps by planting down some fishing spots for the players to cast their fishing hooks into. Cooking will also be needed to make such a filthy raw fish edible without causing the player illness. That is all the time for now, Check out our Greenlight link! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Today was another successful day in our development journey with The Harvest! @mesterKG was working hard to get our fence building system to be solid. That system is sure going to be interesting! I am excited to see where that goes gameplay wise! I worked mostly again on making the roofs solid in the house building system. There are actually a few edge cases to handle (pun intended) with this! We let the user have a single type of roof item that changes its mesh based on where it is placed based on other roof objects. This can get a little complicated because sometimes we do need to destroy other roof objects just to rebuild all the roofs in a section but one, so that we can add in a transition piece. We are going to be working hard this weekend to get more content into the game for you guys!

Vote on the game on our Greenlight page!


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"The Harvest" is on Steam Greenlight and we are anxiously waiting to be lit so we can bring this game experience to everyone! We are going to be working hard this weekend to bring in some more gameplay content and get more of the story / lore in place. We are going to have big multiplayer maps where you claim plots of land on a server and start farming it! You will be able to interact with other farmers over the web and townspeople NPCs! Stay tuned to catch all the new content that we are bringing to The Harvest!

Jump on the Greenlight page! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Hey guys! I have been having a busy week so I have not had much time to work on "The Harvest". I decided I would go ahead and fix some of the throwing functionality of our crops in the game. I just had to increase the power that it used to throw it! There are always times where you have a bug that you procrastinate on, but in actuality, only takes 5 minutes or less to fix. This was one of those! The moral of the story is, just dive in and fix the bugs no matter how much of a nuisance it seems to be! I think this is likely something that every developer can practice more!

Check out our Greenlight page! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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Today I did not get a lot of time to develop on "The Harvest" today, partially because of me being sick with a dastardly cold. So I decided that today was the perfect day to squash some nasty bugs. The bugs I squashed today really hindered gameplay and made the game very annoying to play (and play-test, too)! I fixed a bug with the placement of the place-ables on the grid so that the ghost preview did not act all funny as you rotated your player in the process. I made a feature to allow easier inventory item insertion for debugging and gameplay purposes. There is still very much more to come despite me just taking the later half of the evening fixing bugs. But hey, that pulls us closer to releasing the game out to you guys to enjoy! And that is what we are striving for!

Check out our Greenlight page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

DevLog #2

Today I was tasked at getting the roofs to be at the correct orientation no matter where on the building you place them. For example, if you place two roofs in a corner, they need to converge to form a corner roof. I got that done today, but then @Riuthamus and I realized that there are other edge cases that we need to keep in mind of with the roofs. After I fix those, we are basically ready to make really cool houses in "The Harvest"! @Navyman looked into my code that ran the UI for the inventory system. I'll put it this way, he didn't think my work in UMG was so clean! He was kind enough to improve upon the UI structure since I do not know much about UMG in Unreal Engine 4. @Navyman is great with UMG because he is making a game called Jigster, all in UMG! Here is Jigster's video! I did a coding livestream on twitch for a short time while I was trying to fix some of the roof functionality. later I will be adding chests into the game so that you can store things beyond your inventory on your character! In the coming days, there will be more awesome content added to the game!

Until next time, Cheers!

Check out our Greenlight page for "The Harvest"!

DevLog #1

Today on "The Harvest" I was improving the user experience with our house building system. I put in a "ghost" preview system that will let the user know if it is OK to place a building part in that area. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-eNvs10VeIEYW9IQ01RcXRPaUU

I was watching Riuthamus (the project lead) on his live stream make some art and a level for the first castle scene that you see when you load a new game. Many of the viewers grew interested and were asking many questions.

Later tonight I was getting some wall dividers to work in our house building system so that the seams and breaks of the wall objects would not be visible and to add visual eye-candy! I was having issues initially with the collisions that would enable the wall dividers to be generated properly. I ended up using just a simple sphere trace, and that seemed to do the job!

As always you can check out our Greenlight page here!


DevLog #0

Today I was working on some parts of our game "The Harvest". Riuthamus and some other guys made a game jam game for WoA. We are remaking that game in UE4 and we are adding a whole bunch of features: big multiplayer, extensive lore, etc. Today I improved the use of your basic tools in the game to use collisions so that it is easier to harvest plants and destroy rocks and other objects on your farm. I also brought in some newer icons for the items and UI for inventory. I also added to the inventory back end code to allow for pickups to know if you have inventory before they pop into your inventory. I have been trying to work more front end as of recent so we can get some more visual stuff in for everybody!

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