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New beginnings
Well, as is obvious from the title I've decided to hop on the Linux only bandwagon. It wasn't like I had a choice after my Windows partition died, the cause as yet unknown (though I'm certain I had something to do with it ... fdisk + d 1 perhaps ?). Heh, I've been through quite a number of distros in two weeks, and finally settled on Fedora Core 3 (by "settled" I mean I got it to work). *sigh* I was originally going to use Gentoo, however at the time - apparently it's been fixed - gcc on the x86_64 (AMD64) 2005.0 distro was missing some files. Yeah, that was bad. Then, as I found out last Wednesday, my wireless card's Windows drivers aren't x86_64 compatible. So I had to ditch the x86_64 series altogether. Despite all these setbacks I've managed to get a solid desktop operational, though admittedly that too took several installs to get right. The fact that I've got +160 GB to store it on helped, of course; all the tutorials/guides are usually trying to cram Linux onto an ungodly small partitions.

Desktop setup with KDE.

Back into game deving
Right, so now that I've got a desktop back up and operational it's time to get back to business. I gotta say - destroying your computer for two weeks is a hell of a way to build up coding karma. I'm itching to go, having sat on and thought out what I'd like to do for a project over the summer. Since I'm a large fan of strategy games, I figured I should make a small - note the small - RTS game. It'll probably be in the vein of Command and Conquer, with a Starcraft implementation (i.e. 2d gameplay based on a very loose layering system with iso art). A couple of random tanks doing cool things, maybe some buildings to create more of them. I just can't decide what language to write it in - Java, C/C++, or Assembly ([grin]). I've got Eclipse up and running, but a C/C++ IDE remains to be found that isn't the spawn of Satan.

Assembly is looking better and better.

On a random side note, I was extremely annoyed at the latest C&C release - really, if I want that kind of RTS look I'll play Wargames; it looks better (despite being years old) and actually has replayability. It appears C&C has become another victim of the modern 3D craze. Damn, I guess it's time to figure out how to boot up Tiberian Sun.

Startin' up

First, GDNet+ rules.

That said, I'm getting this started in hopes I'll actually use it. Like many, I have the bad habit of starting things and never coming close to finishing; getting distracted by something else. This shall be my attempt at combatting this foul ailment, or at least maintaining some continuity in the things I work on.

I'll post something interesting (i.e. gamedev related) tomorrow, or maybe the day after.

Right now I have to read ~150 fascinating pages of the governement textbook I bought 4 hours ago. Thank god I did too, it's just what I needed to study for the exam tomorrow ...
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