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About this blog

In this blog we will share the latest news and updates about our web-based SDK for realistic 3D avatars creation from a single selfie photo. To learn more about Avatar SDK, visit: avatar.itseez3d.com.

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Announcing the Official Avatar SDK Unity plugin!

Hi GameDev folks!  We're back with another about for Avatar SDK. Today we are releasing the official Avatar SDK Unity plugin! The Avatar SDK for Unity is a robust plug-n-play toolset which enables developers to integrate realistic AI-powered user-generated avatars into their Unity-based applications. With Avatar SDK Unity plugin you can allow players to create their own avatars in your application or integrate the SDK into your production tools and processes, i.e. 3D character design and animation. Since the beta release, we’ve added some very exciting features like support of facial blendshapes, detailed facial features (eyes, mouth and teeth) and hair recoloring, reduced the avatar cloud computation time and introduced the new “offline” version of the Unity plugin. See the full list down below. We now offer the plugin in two flavors: “Cloud” and “Offline”. The “Cloud” version requires an external server for avatar generation and the “Offline” version supports local avatar calculations on a client machine. Key features of the Avatar SDK for Unity (applicable to both cloud and offline versions): Automatic generation of a color 3D face model from a single selfie photo in 5-10 seconds (!). Works best with selfies, but can be used with any portrait photo. Shape and texture of the head model are unique for each person, synthesized with a deep learning algorithm crafted by computer vision experts Head models support runtime blendshape facial animations (45 different expressions) Generated 3D heads include eyes, mouth, and teeth Algorithms synthesize 3D meshes in mid-poly resolution, ~12k vertices, and ~24k triangles Six predefined hairstyles with hair-recoloring feature (many more available on request) Avatar generation API can be used in design-time and in run-time, which means you can allow users to create their own avatars in your game Cloud version is cross-platform, and offline version currently works on PCs with 64-bit Windows (support for more platforms is coming soon) Well-documented samples showcasing the functionality.
A quick demonstration of the how the plugin works:   And here is an example of the facial expressions that you can create with our blendshapes: Availability Cloud Unity plugin To get the Cloud Unity plugin, sign up or sign in with at https://accounts.avatarsdk.com, choose a plan (Free, Indie, Plus, Pro) depending on how many avatars per month you need, then go to the Unity3D plugin tab on the Developer page and click “Download”. Please note, that the cloud version requires a small payment for every generated avatar to keep the servers running. Check the pricing here: https://avatarsdk.com/#pricing. A few important changes in pricing: While we’re still offering a Free plan for our Cloud SDK, from now on all 3D models will be watermarked with an Avatar SDK logo. Our existing users will still be able to generate models without watermarks until the 15th of January 2018. Please make sure to sign up for a non-free plan before this date to continue using Avatar SDK for any purpose other than testing or evaluation. In celebration of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming holiday season, we’re offering a 60% discount for our Indie plan! Sign up before December 6, 2017 11:59 PM EST and get a full set of features for just $20/month! If you sign up for this plan now you can stay on it after the offer expires. The discount applies to the monthly payment only, the extra avatars prices are the same. Offline Unity plugin Unlike the Cloud version, the Offline plugin is unlimited, so you can generate as many avatars as you need for your project. The Offline plugin is available by request, please contact us at support@itseez3d.com. As always, if you have any questions or feedback about the Avatar SDK, please feel free to reach out to us! itSeez3D team




Avatar Web API v1.0 and beta Unity plugin released!

Hi gamedevs!
As you may remember from the previous post, we have an AI-powered avatar creation tool that allows to create realistic game avatars from one selfie - Avatar SDK. Embedded in the game, it allows players to instantly create their virtual selves. We use deep learning to build an accurate 3D model of a head and predict all the tiny details of face, so each avatar gets completely unique! We've released the beta version of the Avatar Web API more than a month ago and since that time we've collected feedback from lots of developers. And today we are excited to announce two important updates - the release of Avatar Web API v1.0 and the release of beta Unity plugin! Avatar Web API The key features of Avatar Web API v1.0: Automatic generation of a textured 3D face model from a single selfie photo. Works with any frontal photo of a face. Shape and texture are unique for each person, and are synthesized with a deep learning algorithm. While we are working on improving hair model synthesis, Avatar SDK provides a predefined set of hairstyles which you can also use in your application. 3D reconstruction pipeline in the cloud with an easy to use Web API, scalable to whatever throughput required. More features to be added in the upcoming releases, including fullbody animated avatar support, hair synthesis, haircut recoloring and more! The Avatar API will be available on a subscription basis. The starting plan (Free) is intended for development and testing, it will be completely free, but limited to 50 avatars per month. Other plans (Indie, Plus, Pro) offer higher volume of avatars per month depending on your application business model and user flow. For more information about API and pricing, please visit: https://itseez3d.com/avatar-sdk.html. Unity plugin (beta) The plugin is a plug-n-play solution for all Unity developers that are interested in our technology, and it allows you to start experimenting with avatars in gameplay in a matter of minutes. Key features: Fully asynchronous C# API for all Web API requests such as creating, calculating and downloading of avatars With zip utility and runtime .ply reader the downloaded avatar can be automatically displayed in a Unity scene - no need to worry about mesh formats Several textured haircuts provided for each avatar Easy to use authentication pipeline with editor GUI Well documented samples Works on mobile and desktop platforms supported by Unity The plugin is ready for production use but is still called Beta, because weaEUR(TM)re planning to add many more features before calling it an official release. Some of the functions our user can anticipate in the future versions: Blend shape facial animations Unique haircuts inferred from the looks of each person Support for full body avatars and automatic tools that can attach head to arbitrary body preserving correct skeletal animations Cartoonish stylisation of avatars and different rendering modes Multiple LODs to provide best user experience on both mobile and desktop platforms (at the moment avatars have around 6K polygons, which should still be acceptable in most cases) Integration with cameras on mobile platforms More haircuts and the option to change hair color In a more distant future - face tracking, lip sync and many more For more information about plugin, please visit https://itseez3d.com/avatar-sdk.html. What's next? We also plan to add support for Unreal Engine and iOS in the near future. If you're working on these platforms, please stay tuned for more updates from us. If you have any questions about the API or plugin, please feel free to contact us at support@itseez3d.com. We'd really love to hear your feedback! itSeez3D Team




Web SDK for user-generated game avatars

Hi folks, If you ever tried to create a game character that looks exactly like you - this post is for you. We at itSeez3D have always been dreaming of a game where we can play as ourselves and look realistic and not uncanny at the same time. We have a pretty solid background in 3D scanning and computer vision so last year we decided to work on our dream. So based on our previous 3D scanning experience we've created a technology that allows to create a lifelike 3D model of a face from one selfie. See our demo here:  The process is fully automatic and takes less than one minute. We use deep learning to predict the 3D geometry of a face and a head. Meaning, each avatar gets completely unique and realistic as in Mass Effect Andromeda :). Here are the examples of 3D models you can get with our tech: https://skfb.ly/6p7w7. We've just released the beta version of the SDK and are inviting gamedev folks to participate. By signing up you can get access to our web API and then embed user-generated 3D avatars in your own games, applications, 3D worlds, etc. If you'd like to participate in beta and integrate our tech in a game, please sign up at https://avatarsdk.com/. For any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at support@itseez3d.com. We'd really appreciate your feedback! Thank you! itSeez3D Team  



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