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Hey guys,

We're new to the neighbourhood so just wanted to say hi :D.

We're a 2-man indie developer group working on our very first game called PiN; a horror-inspired action platformer game, coming to Xbox one, Android and iOS. Think Super Meat Boy meets Limbo meets...something flashy. And you have PiN.

Originally we were only developing for mobile, but after some graft we got it running on the Xbox one (actually, it ran terribly on Xbox to begin with, so we rewrote all the code from scratch...); and now, some time later, we have working versions for all three target platforms running at 60fps!

It's still pre-alpha stage, so lots of fine-tuning and refinement is happening; but we're planning on releasing this year!

Also, if you're feeling friendly, give our twitter a follow and some love! >>> @Z2Team1

Much love,


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