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Indie Game Development

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New video of this last week. Featuring progress on two games and also showing another one.

The video is really cool ( i think ), i'm doing better the videos each week.


Enjoy it :



Comments about the video, games or anything will be appreciated.


If you know some videos about weekly devlogs please tell me about, i know only about the indie called thinmatrix, his videos are great.


Thanks for your time.

This is my first video devlog talking about the Team founded by me.

I describe what Games we are developing and also the works that need to be done this week for the members :

Manage an Indie Team is not easy but i have luck since i found nice people to work with.

This is just an introduction, more interesting issues will come each week.

Please, comments will be appreciated. Thanks !

On the video you can see new changes applied to this Game Design while i explain the ideas behind this implementation.

This is a new video of a video series featuring the development of a Game from scratch while explaining details and giving tips of Game Design. It's interesting to see the process so i hope will help you out to design your games.

Here the video :

And here you can test the Game :


What do you think of the Game ?

Did you learned something of my Game Design process ? Or.. at least the video made you think about some point of your Game Design work ?

Thanks. Comments will be appreciated, i want to improve.

See ya.

Here a new video of my series " Less is More on Game Design ". Through a project you'll be able to see my steps to design and decide about every aspect of this Game.

On this video new graphics are added and the first test of the music is done. There's no need to have final graphics to test the music, songs and also sounds can give ideas about other aspects of the Game.

Hope this video can help somebody to learn or think about something to design projects.


To test the first Graphics on a prototype is a must, also to decide for an aspect ratio, resolution and of course the colour palette.

Here is my third video of my "Less is More on Game Design" series :

Also if you take a look at these two videos you'll see how the prototype graphics can make easier to decide for the final graphic elements to show, aesthetics, aspect ratio, resolution and colour palette :

The prototype's graphics are done by me, the other ones by OareasO, that also started a Blog here about an RPG cause i recommend him to do it.

You can see his first blog entry here :


I'm new doing this Blog, there's something i could do better ?

Also, what do you think of the videos ? And the Games ?

To play the Games online ( Html5 ) :


Thanks !

Here is the first video of a series about Game Design where i cover a lot of aspects related to create a game from zero.

I think it could be really interesting to learn about Game Design and other aspects related to it.

Here i explain the concept of "less is more on Game Design" :

Here i show the first steps to apply the concept with the first prototype of a Maze Game :

Soon i'll post here on the blog the third part, featuring new issues like testing graphics and more.

To test the demo :


Thanks !

My name is Alex and i'm the team founder of the GameDan Team.

We are developing 5 games at the moment and Falling Pirates is the most appealing until now.

Here you can take a look at a video :

Here you can play ( for free of course ) the html5 version and download an old Android Demo :


I hope i'll be able to get feedback doing this blog. Is just my first try so any suggestion to improve will be appreciated.

Thanks !

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