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About this blog

Wormhole is a on development space strategy game. In this blog i will show any news and updates to the game.

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Wormhole Devlog #2: Battle System (reloaded)

[color=#ff0000][font='Helvetica Neue']Hi all!![/font][/color] [color=rgb(29,33,41)][font='Helvetica Neue']Welcome to this second Devlog of Wormhole, here i uploaded a video about what i been working on: the Tactical Manager, a tool which you can use in battle to alter the behaviour of your ships and use Strategies.[/font][/color] Comment and subscribe for more! (: Thanks




Wormhole Devlog #1: Spreading the word!

[color=#ff0000]Hi all![/color] --------------------------- [color=#000000]Firs of all im going to introduce myself, my name is Pablo and im 27 years old. [/color] [color=#000000]Since young i always been interested on game designs, and i started learning game scripting with biowares NWN 1 editor doing my onw modules etc. (good times)[/color] A year ago i reached the conclusion that i was on for something more professional, and then i met Unity engine. As everybody who wants to learn something new nowadays, i started watching tutorials and guides, and summed with my previous knowledges i started creating [color=#4b0082]Wormhole[/color]. ------------------ [color=#4b0082]Wormhole [/color]is a strategy, space game with rpg, 4x, and top down action battles. Its been a year since i started and during the process i learned a lot, and now its starting to look really as a game. Althought its not nearly finnished i will show you a general video of whats its been done so far. The art, graphics and sound are the last step on game design so you might think it doesnt look that good, but everything regarding graphics, UI and some functionalities are [color=#ff8c00]provisional[/color].
Im working with a Portuguese Artist and a composer who on late stages will provide the game with much more life. But as i said, the gameplay is far from finnished, and i will keep you updated about any progress. And thats the why of this devblog! :) Video!



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