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The Whaler Logo Silver1



We are getting close to a fully completion of the ship, we have spent some time getting the kitchen ready, optimizing UW`s and textures as well as getting the sails right.


We will also start working on the trailer next week so we can show of some game play as well, it will also come in handy now that we are shopping for a new publisher/ investor to help take this game to its full potential, so stay tuned for that!


There was also a vote going on twitter for a new or second name tag for the game. So we are looking at doing a change on that in future to portray more of the core element of the game, which is trade and progression.


Lets dive into this last months work


Character customization


We got some community feedback about having the option to change beards, our current captains does not have that layered but we made the buttons for that in the future when we have more options for the full version.


The SFX test is also currently just placeholders (except the music which is from our main theme). Dan Wakefield from Antagonist will do the SFX on the game, he has previously worked on Through the Woods Antagonist.no




Figurehead sketches


Captain Roland has done some sketches for figureheads for the bow, which can be used from tier 2 ships.

We have been playing with the idea that you can either buy these in full, or buy blueprints and craft it from your workstation.


Let us know what you think!






Ship details and props


Of course, there is always work on props and details. We are never too happy and always want to improve what has been done to ensure proper quality.


Added details to the single bed type tier 8




Tier 8 Captains Chair




Carved wooden statues ship detail, first deck.

Normal wood and colored,


UntitledmFUNKdFHSlSRT ZbSGehww


These are place in this area of the ship


download 1



Steering animation with a whipstaff


Now we have the steering animation in a way it feels comfortable, it seems heavy (which it was) and believable. A Whipstaff also called Whip, was used for steering larger sailing ships in the 16th-17th century and paved the way for the wheel. There are different variations of these, and for The Dawn, as the reference it was placed right in front of the mast.




Preview of the Captains Quarters, The Dawn


In the captains quarters we are also spending some time putting things into place, experimenting with the looks and placement. The size will vary on the type of ships, the bigger the ship the more place you have to play around in.



Trade & Crafting

When you make port there will be different illustrations depending on where you are, representing the time and area you visit. The trade UI is an ongoing process but now we have something we can actually show and build upon.


Every port has different needs that will have to be met, and this is the basis of the way to make money, but sailing takes time so beware of which country or port that has specific needs wherever you travel. You will also need to buy for personal stock, so you have enough for crafting and repairs.


The port of Sherburne without the trade window.


TradePanel Illustration 09



With the trade window open. There will be more pages of city overview, port name and some other goodies.


TradePanel Illustration

Trade Panel PNG


We will go more in depth on the crafting at a later stage, but here you will have an overview of materials for crafting and we will have a list for what you need for certain blueprints.


Crafting 02


As always, you can join us on discord here;




Also check out our social media pages here:







phaser discord channel



Until next time and stay tuned for the upcoming trailer!


Have a good weekend!


The Whaler Logo Silver1



Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and celebration of the new year!


We have been very busy in our end in almost every front, be it ship construction, art, UI, new models and so forth. So this will be without a doubt the biggest update we have done since we started, first, lets do a little sum up of 2017:


In the beginning of 2017 I was all alone on the project, streaming my progress of making a ship and doing a model of a blue whale. I also did some prop art myself as well, but it just did not feel right for the game and I knew after talking to some other dev in Canada (Thanks ConnorORT ) that this would be a too ambitious project to take on by myself and there would be the risk of burning myself out and getting lost, which do sadly happen to a lot of Indies out there. So after some thinking, I talked to a consultant that had way more experience in both the AAA scene and indie scene as well, and we carved out the way of The Whaler. From there it took off, more people got involved, we got funding to do a playable demo so we could at least give a shot on crowdfunding (even though you should never count on it, specially not today), but it gave us a boost to actually make something out of the idea.

So we worked on it, carved out details, what to do and how to do it, and we spent a lot of time making the art ready, blocking out the ocean and behavior, taking care of animations and so on. 2017 was great, but it was also full of challenges, like every game. We lost 4 months of ship construction time, we lost 2 months of animation time because I just did not have the experience to really vet the artists applying for us. Money was lost, money was gained & experience was learned, and this has again, carved the way for a great 2018, where we have some clear goals set on what we want to achieve and how to achieve them, we also have a great team with us that we know can deliver the expected quality of what I want to see in this game, so when it`s done, I know for a fact that we have put everything we have into it, and you, as followers and supports will know that this project from start to the end, will have full transparency of whats going on. When we finally go to crowdfunding, and IF successful, we will do an overview over monthly expenses, where does your money go, and how it is spent. Because we do know, Kickstarter has a trust problem for ambitious games so we also have to stay realistic, which is why we will have two sail-maps (roadmap) for a successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding.

Before we head off to the updates, we received a question on email that I think will be good to answer here: No, you do not need to commence in whaling in this game, you will have a choice between that and merchant. So if trading is 100% your thing along with crafting, then you can do just that and not do the mini game.


Now, lets head over that what we have to show in this months update!



The Terror of The Sea


This whale is a 32 m (104 feet) long beast, as you can see, he has had some fights with both humans and other creatures of the deep! You will have to use your wits and stamina to take down this one!


Have a look at the screens!







As always, the creatures and characters in this game is made by the mighty Captain Juras!





The Second Ship: Dutch Galiot


As "The Dawn" was based on the dutch ship "The Pearl", using a whip-staff to steer and navigate, the Dutch Galiot is a newer ship, from 1740 but around the same size.


The Dutch galiots were flat-bottomed ships with a rounded bow and aft. The galiots are perfect for the merchants and we are excited to be able to control and sail the seven seas with this one!


Have a look at some of the WIP:









Before we continue with the rest of the pictures, lets fill inn some tech!


  • New Setup
    - Re-hooked quest system
    - Re-hooking Simulacrum system to new setup (WIP)
    - Grouping functional objects (WORLD, PLAYER SHIP, etc.) to cleanup scene

    - Update progress map
    - Hooked former ship camera to FPS and modified bindings to allow FPS control of ship

    - Refactored multi-cam logic
    - Adjust fake ship basic collisions (test mode)
    - Smoothing of collisions (controller to simulacrum resolution)
    - Imported new arms, adjusted prefabs
    - Added secondary dynamic light

    - Architecturing attack animation (harpoon) template for minigame
    - Polish Y-rotation of mouse movement

    - Cleanup of active vs legacy scenes
    - Rebuilding lightmaps/base assets (and eliminating unnecessary inherited lightmaps)
    - Created new development scene to prevent polluting production scenes

    - Added Debug_NavUI for debugging seafaring controls
    - Code Cleanup of CharacterControllerMimic.cs
    - Code Cleanup of CharacterControllerMimic
    - Code Cleanup of BoatMiniGame_CharacterController
    - Cleanup of Scripts hierarchy
    - Stripped legacy physics solution (Legacy classes Torquer, controller, etc.)

    - Fixed Compass Show/Hide
    - Fixed new Waypoints
    - Fixed Quest resolutions
    - Added Dummy Whale
    - Fixed controls carry-on in different mode/state

    - Import new icebergs, port, islands, whale collision and character (hunting) animation segments
  • Character Controller Update
    - Modify character controller (simulacrum relationship) & base movement values (wip)
    - Added vertical rotation of FPS camera

    - General Boat asset setup
    - Partial Physics 
    - Create hierarchy for player/animations for boat minigame

    - Troubleshoot boat collision & physics
    - Debugging Harpoon throw animation (to retain harpoon object as part of Animation Controller)

    - Used new assets (troubleshooting limitations)
    - Modified physics heuristics
    - Added char on boat with proper anim-set (placeholder)

    - Modified Boat's reactive forces
    - 'Hacked' physics to prevent impossible collisions
  • Character Animations
    - Added animations to controller
    - Created 'Fake States'
    - Modified character to follow new controller
    - Added automated idle state
    - Adjusted position of arms
    - Added anim swapper (placeholder) - Left mouse button (wait for anim to finish)
  • Terrain
    - Tested terrain asset
  • Interactive Stations
    - Created the interactive station logic (collision layer, core class)
    - Created character detection ActionBall
    - Created pipeline to 'take interactive actions' on the ship
    - Added input detection for interactive actions (hard-wired to: Left Mouse Button, F and E)
    - Added a placeholder Wheel collision Interactive Station
    - Wired Wheel interactive station with Control Focus (control ship) temp bridge
    - Added ControlFocus controls to allow to return to Character focus from Ship focus using E,F or LMB
    - Added manual delay on ControlFocus swap (disregarding any unforced issue made under 0.1s)
  • Whale
    - Fix Camera setup
    - Create Animator Controller
    - Bind animation states from animations
    - Create animator / animation references
    - Build Material for body and eyes (using maps)
    - Build test-rig animation workflow

    - Streamline demo anim workflow
    - Added Whale controller
    - Added Waypoints system for whale behavior
    - Setup fake collision test colliders
    - 'Crash tests' with controller-less boat to establish physics parameters
    - Indexed Whale's force applied to its own mass

    - 'Crash tests' with controller-less boat to establish physics parameters
    - Indexed Whale's force applied to its own mass

    - Attempted adding low-res mesh (incorrect orientation and scale)
    - Added primitive colliders to animation root skeleton (for harpoon detection synced with animation)
    - Added dummy death state transition from animator model

  • Character
    - Placement of the hunter animation
    - Binding of axis rotation of camera and body (separately) for aiming purposes
    - Identifying solution for projectiles
    - Added input for throw
    - Added anim transitions for harpoon throw (no collision)
  • Harpoon
    - Created prefab instance of harpoon
    - Added physics
    - Added dynamic 'pitch modifier' to feel like it is 'falling' in accordance to its own speed
  • Hunting Minigame
    - Setting up physics for boat (using float)
    - Matching collider with mesh of boat
    - Place temp camera tracking
    - Scene layout
    - Attempted to create simulation space to test: Water force // Water interactive components
  • Islands
    - Recreated new island as part of hunting dev setup
    - Created fake material from texture
    - Added islands to seafaring map
    - Added collisions to islands in seafaring map
  • Quest System
    - Created an easy reference for object-specific quests
    - Refactored Quest System to replace all 'dummy' quests with object-induced quest (works for islands, but will also work for Whale sightings)
    - Added quest references to both ports (fetch quests)
    • Hunting Mini-Game Character
      - Changed the animation model to use the idle -> pre-throw -> post-throw approach
      - Changed the hierarchy to accommodate changes
      - Decoupled Harpoon show/hide from throw timing (and instantiation of harpoon)
      - Added real-back power (hold to throw further, etc.)
      - Added Whale life reference
      - Added 'damage dealing' attributes to Harpoon 'tip'
      - Performed crude hit detection 'carry' to Whale Life (and death transition)

      - Swapped in new states
      - Linked proper Harpoon show/hide states
      - Linked proper charge-up & release

      - Synchronized harpoon with animations
      - Minor tweaks to make it feel 'right'

      Seafaring Game
      - Cleanup current ship implementation (main ship)
      - Preparing to sunset former control system
      - Created a prefab backup hierarchy of the current ship (for rollback attempts)
      - Created new controls to make them feel less like WASD and more like Gears
      -- Sails now raised (max 3) when tapping W, and lowered (min 0) when tapping S. No reverse!
      -- Rudder now turns based on A and D being held, all the way up to max rotation. When release, rotation of rudder slowly returns center.
      - Ship speed based off sails: indirect
      - Ship rotation based off rudder: indirect



Now, lets take a look at the progress of "The Dawn"


Some of the objects you see in the screens are subject to better placement, but as of now we are testing textures, optimizing UW etc etc. As you can see, "The Dawn" is a colorful ship, just like the reference.




vrHh1eKUQYWni0 P7 GaZA








I also wanted to show some of the animations we have in this update, even though some of you that follow the game on IndieDB have probably seen them before:


Here is the fiddler playing a calmer tune, we absolutely love this animation.




Here he is trying to tune the fiddle a bit. This will happen every know and then after he has played a song while you sail!




Old grumpy swimming casually




You will have your own crafting station where you craft different items





Character customization, The Captains!


We will show in a video next month exactly how this works, its not a big thing but as for now I will explain. In the character window, you will choose hats, face and uniform in a portrait. This portrait will then end up in your captains table in game. For now, we have a few different versions to choose from.


1 1


2 1


3 1




Carving a scrimshaw


How does that work? Well, it dosen`t, at least not yet, as we are carving (hoho) out the core features first.

But a great artist that helps out named Matthijs de Rijk, made this for you to get an idea what to expect!




The Sailmap (Roadmap)!


Here is a current work in progress of the sailmap. Every island here is a major update for the game, and it gets updated every month (when we get that far). We will also have this on our upcoming new and improved webpage (www.thewhalergame.com) where you can press the island to get an overview over whats coming. The last island will be the release according to however crowdfunding turns out, we will go more into depth on that at a later stage.








So, whats next?


In the next update, we will take a look at the great UI, Trade window, crafting and inventory.

We will go over the video of character customization, set a date for the stream where we go in depth on deck 1 and 2, as well as a QA and some other cool stuff!




Now at last, I would like to thank every single one of you who voted for us for best upcoming indie at the IndieDB awards. Among some of the other great games that was voted fore, we finished 4th, which was super fun and very motivating that people believe in the project.


Thanks again, you guys and girls rock!



See you again for the next update, remember you can join us on discord, or at the forums as well!












ioty best upcoming 2



The Whaler Logo Silver1


Hey Captain`s


Time for another update, we have been a bit busy in all ends this few weeks, with planning of how the character customization will work and look, as well as blocking out and starting to shape out Nantucket Island.


Progress has also been very good regarding "The Pearl" and it is currently on track for the new milestone we have set.


Finally, we have also heard the call from the community and the first zone that will be playable will be called "The Myth of The White Whale", we know a lot of followers have been asking questions about Moby Dick, but as this time period wont fit, it makes a possibility for a future set of content after release.


If you know the history the book of Moby dick, it was based upon various true stories of other albino whales that ruled the sea, one of these was Mocha Dick, (together with cappuccino orca *phun*) who was a feared whale that supposedly survived over a 100 encounters with whalers in the areas around Mocha island. It is said that when he was killed, he had around 19 harpoons in him before the encounter even started.


But the myth started somewhere!


Character Customization:


Here is the old and early sketch we made to try an visualize how the character customization will look like

the style of this will be of old fine art, and you can choose hat, face and uniform in the portrait.


Sketch by Dominik Mayer


3 1



Environment, Nantucket:


Captain Zackarias, Environment Artist





Captain Zackarias made the Nantucket island and we have now started to block out and placing the assets. Nantucket is hard one, it`s and Island with almost no trees, and that`s pretty hard to get looking good without making it feel to empty, but it is a challenge we have no problem taking on. The most important thing is to get the port looking good and making it seem busy and alive.


2 2


1 2



"The Pearl"

A 16th Century Whaling ship:


Captain Mike, Ship Builder


TrymStudios 01


Captain Mike is working hard and well on "The Pearl", you might have seen some of his ships in another age of sail game, called Naval Action.















We are also opening discord for the public, where you can chat with us, give feedback, QA`s, sing some shanties or listen to shantie radio!


Press the link to recieve the invite


phaser discord channel



I also want to thank everybody who voted for us during the indie awards 2017, we made it to TOP 100 and are currently the only game in upcoming realistic sim for the last vote batch. If you like what you see, we would appreciate the continuous support for the last run of votes!




Thanks again for all the support we have gotten, emails, comments and so forth, it means a lot.


With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazing new year.


Looking forward for next year and all it will bring on our front!






Captain Tommy




Hey Captains!

(PS: All links work, even though they are displayed wierd)

Sorry for the jump in dev updates here on gamedev.net 

You can read the other ones at indieDB but will continue to update her. 

Time for another update, this month I had a plan of showing some sneak peaks of the ship. But sadly the artist that was hired to do the ship came back to me 3 days ago, saying he could not do it because of time, in fact he had nothing to deliver, at all, that is almost 3 months of waiting for nothing. This set us back quite a bit and was a huge blow for me personally (Tommy) as I defiantly needed this for many reasons, but we at least got a valid explanation so as much as I want to scream loud about it, there is no hard feelings and I hope the artist takes a breather from being overworked and thinks about his health for a bit, so if you ever had the idea why it has not been shown yet, or think it went a bit slow, this is the reason.

BUT another backup artist we had been in contact with, who was going to do a lot of work for us next year came to the rescue, you might have seen some of his ships in the game Naval Action. We also had a plan of showing you how the crafting system worked, but as the ship was not ready, that does not make any sense as that`s where it takes part, this however means we will have a lot more to show of in the coming months and when its done, I will do a quick QA on a stream showing some teaser of it, and you can also ask any questions, come with feedback and so on. (Twitch.tv)

So we are back on track and shifted the focus to start on one of the mini games while we wait, as everything we need art wise is done for that.

Some minor tech updates:

"Crafting & Inventory (continued)

  • - Added partial split feature (WIP)
  • - Added DEBUG_SYSTEM to move between screens
  • - Screens now close with UI
  • - Added 3D Models
  • - Remove screen camera"
  • - ItemData are now IEquatable
  • - Completed stacking
  • - Added validation for recipes
  • - Added UI for Butchering, Skinning and Crafting screens
  • - Added output for recipe (can`t take the output in the UI)
  • - Flushing slots to inventory on close
  • - Updating 3D models
  • - Added ability to cancel crafting recipe
  • - Cleaned code Ready to hook with game code "
  • - Systemtization of configs and ready for import to game scene

Player Controller V2

  • - Simulacrum architecture*
  • - Created dummy ship (for controls)
  • - Synchronized movement of 'real character controller' on dummy ship with simulacrum player controller on actual ship
  • - Basic WASD movement
  • - Basic mouse rotation movement (Y axis rotation-only for now)
  • - Adjusted cam / arms & collision to match 'humanoid' perspective"

You might have seen some of the picture of the dutch whaling boat in the gallery, but I will include some of the screenshot renders here as well.


Would love it and appreciate it if The Whaler got a vote for up and coming indie! 

You can also win game keys from IndieDB just by voting!


Vote link is on the page!


If you did not get a chance to check out the main theme song in the previous post, you can do so here.


Song by Dirk Kluesing




Also, remember you can sign up for the open beta here and join our forums as well!





Other Social media:





*The game ready model of the dutch whaling boat, which you as the player will use in the mini game (European style). Depending on what zone you play in, this will have a different look.*





*Some of the art for kickstarter tiers, wonder what they are? Well, you can control these for the free roam camera, and fly around your ship, enjoying the view.*









Hey guys!

From the 22nd - 26th of august, The Whaler will have its own booth at gamescom in cologne, Germany.

I (Tommy) will be there presenting the game and ready to answer any questions you might have, so if you have any plans of going there, please come by and say hi!

20525384 10159126988255297 83515


We also have the brochure ready for Gamescom as well, if you do not get to go, you can have a look at the brochure here! If you want a better resolution uploaded, let me know and I will take care of it.



The webpage has also been launched, this is how it looks now until we have a full launch of the page sometime next year, but for now you can go to www.thewhalergame.com and sign up for the newsletter, closed beta and some radical giveaways!



Other then that, development is going ahead at full whale and pretty soon I will show you guys were we are at.

Hope you had a great weekend, talk soon!






Hey guys and gals!

It`s been an very busy week, and it will continue to be so for the next months. Alot of thing`s has been taken care of regarding animations, music, models and so forth and its very exciting to get things in order, so production can go smoothly and efficiently. Also, from now on the updates will come monthly (unless there is something extremely important to get out).

So here is some screens for you to enjoy and dream about for about a month until the next update.


Concept art of the cook, he has a pretty cool narrative story and it`s going to be cool to get your feedback on that in the full version of the game, he will not show up in the vertical slice.


Cook Concept art



Textured fiddel character in some variations. He is looking great, this is actually one of my favorite part for you to experience ingame.


fiddler unity violin

fiddler marmoset2fiddler marmoset4

fiddler unity 3


Game ready version of the whale, he is a lean mean killing machine. Old Grumpy. He has been hunted before but always managed to escape, he has years of experience. (Unity render)



whale unity 1

whale unity 2

whale unity 3



So this is it from the art side, can`t show you everything so will be little drops here and there. When we have a trailer ready it will show only in game gameplay. It`s going to be super cool, I can promise you that!


See you again in august!



So I tought I would show you guys the fiddel player character and also a gif of the social ability you can do when he is playing on the ship.

Also, the interview is live so you can take a read of it here:


First, Roland started doing some easy face concepts last week, and since I liked the design of it, it would be great to have this one as the fiddel player.




He also did some quick concepts of a captain design, or first mate. Here we will at a later stage have more variations of costumes and hats. He is doing a great job with this, being busy with other projects as well.


WIP concept captain


Juras3D started in the weekend with making the head model of the fiddler, the idea is that he will play an irish jig on the ship. Here is the variation of his face with and without a beard. Reason there is both, is because I really want to have him shaved when you leave port, and during your time on the voyage the crew would have grown a beard (like me)


Fiddler WIP1


Here is the High Poly version of the full character






Juras has now also started making it ready for the engine. I hope the next update will be a fully textured one. I really hope you like it!


Here is the player clapping when the fiddler is playing, this is one of the social features you can do.

This is still an early version of the animation but I wanted to show you anyway.


clapping Gif


We will soon go over to monthy updates or every two weeks, depending on what you guys want. A huge update or it being split into two. This has been a few interesting days, with meetings that are exciting for us at the moment so there will be alot more to share in the future. 


Until next time crew mates!


This week theres a small update before we start jumping over to monthly updates, a composer has been hired to do 2 of the songs for the VS. You can check out his music here:


Ninichi will also be publishing a small interview and one of the songs tests she did for the game on tuesday, so keep a look out for that here: ninichimusic.com/

Also, hands and pipe has been sent to the animator. So there will be some animation gifs coming later on for you to check out. We have some meetings next week which is exciting stuff as well.

You can read more directly on what the Vertical slice has with the font test. ;) Its hard to read, I know!








Time for a new small weekly update!

So this last week we have finished the ship control system for now, it is looking pretty sweet with the rudder and everything with one of the placeholder ships we have, we started out with some cubes to check how it behaved in changing from calm to heavy waves. Next time we take a look on that system is after the VS ship is finished, thats when all the really hard work begins.

Other than that, we have also been in contact with a UI designer which will do some pretty nice work for us. We are setting up some sketches regarding the HUD and main menu as well as the rest of the layout.

A composer regarding more of the music has also been in contact with us and we are currently awaiting some demo songs to catch the right feel. Needless to say, music plays a huge role in this game so its crucial that it feels both correct and top notch. Hopefully I will be able to give you guys a preview soon!

An animator has been contacted to perfect the social abilities and other animations such as waving, smoking from a pipe, clapping, idle, walking and eating/drinking.

Asset creation has also been going steady, and I have been very busy doing some asset tests to see where we can save both time and money for the vertical slice. Here are some previews.

(A bottle test, this is what the player can drink from when seated at the captains table.)




(Barrels found randomly on the ship, as well as in storage during transport runs from port to port)



(Captain`s gun found on the desk in his cabin)



(Bread and cheese, the food in the game can be consumed)



(The hands, there is better hands that are currently being retoped and rigged. The hands will also have a texture with old sailor tattoos)



(From the asset test, checking how it all pans togheter)




On a general note, about 40% of the assets for the ship is done from start. What await`s regarding them is only texturing and collision. Around 15% of the assets is from the asset store and will save us some time getting things ready as of now, we might just throw them out all togheter and make all of it from scratch if we see we have the time and if the VS is going as planned and everything works out well after summer, we will defintly do those 15% from scratch. But as placeholders they do theyr part for now.


Looking forward to the next update!


Time for another update with how we are doing. We have now started production and I will continue to update you guys trough the week`s ahead, something`s we will share and some we dont`t, can`t spoil all the fun right? But I can at least guarantee that we are on track for a powerfull vertical slice. 

Programming: The programmer is now doing Water Test - Perlin Noise / Heightmap Calm checking at comparing to our references. 

Modeling: I have spent most of the week gathering reference pictures for asset`s so I can fill the ship when it`s ready, this is a very hard job but luckily there are alot of book`s out there. First out was one of the spyglasse`s, a Dollond from mid 17th century. Did some material`s testing on that one as well and will finish that asset tomorrow. Soon I will also start texturing, rigging and animating the first person arms/hands.  

Until next week! 





Weekly Update #1

[font='Trebuchet MS']

[indent=1]All the 5 first illustrations have been finished by the concept artist Roland, these illustrations are to give you a feeling of some actions you can do in the game. The work going on at the moment is to do the rest of the illustrations, some logo work and to carve out more of the vertical slice version of the game, such as making a list over which features to include and how to include them. This is almost 80% done and ready to be sent to the consultant for him to go over and give his feedback on it.

The ship modeling

[font='Trebuchet MS']

[indent=1]After having some bad luck regarding realism from some of the early artists, I decided to get an experienced one involved, and now Fabrizio Bortolussi aka "The Hand" got the job to create the first ship and to set the standard of how this is going to look for all the ships in the game. If you dont know who this is, he has worked on the following:


  • Kill Bill
  • District 9
  • Silent Hill
  • Narnia 3
  • Underworld: Evolution
  • Silent Hills (Now Cancelled)
  • Star Citizen
  • Agony

    [font='Trebuchet MS']

    [indent=1]And much more


[font='Trebuchet MS']

[indent=1]This is to say the least, extremely exciting. And after the summer a fully explorable AAA quality 17th century ship will be ready to show of, when it is, I will make a video where we will go trough the ship explaining some of the features to come. Might do a video and a stream of this in case some of you wants to ask questions and feedback live.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

[indent=1]Until then, the work starts to get more artists and programmers involved, the vision for this team is max 4. So I will be looking for 2 programmers and one more artists to join this project and make it ready for crowdfunding and application to NFI for devolpment funds. If that dosent happen, it will of course continue as planned, but just take a bit longer.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

[indent=1]Thank you for reading and I hope you liked the update!

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Concept Idea - Illustration Update #4

Trading with other players is essential in every trade sim, and it will be even more personal in this game.

Proximity and voice chat will help you define the need of items you want to exchange with the other player, or maybe you need ale for the crew and want to change it for some nice map information or sightings?

You will also be able to team up to stand stronger against the challenge ahead regarding pirates or english authority.

Music OST Update #1

Ninichi has been hired to provide some of the music for the prototype/vertical slice version of the game. She has exstencive experience from making music in the indie community, so I have no doubt that she will come up with something that is beyond amazing. First out is the OST for the main menu.

You can check out some of her work here



Concept Idea - Illustration WIP Update #3

I`ve decided to show you one of the illustrations made by the concept artist Roland, this is a !!WIP!!

The rest of the illustrations are done later this week, before we start on the last 10 to show you. After that, the work starts on the Concept art design itself.

A consultant has been contacted who has extencive experience in one of the leading games today, specially on twitch, its always on top 3. Hopefully this talk will end in a good working relationship to make sure the project always stays on track. ,I`ts very important for me that this game is done properly and good enough for all of us to enjoy!

There is alot of good and great ideas on the board and I`m so excited keep you updated every step of the way.

Sometime after the summer I hope there will be a great prototype for you to test out.

When the game design starts, it will be shown in batches with updated on what comes next, so you have something to look forward to.

Remember to follow and check out http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-whaler-working-title for updates as well.

Throw a follow on twitter to for even more news: https://twitter.com/trym_studios

Concept Idea Update #2

[font='Trebuchet MS']

I`m super excited to show you the Concept Illustrations and Designs coming sporadicly. These last month`s and specially these last few weeks has been very informative regarding research and figuring out how this will be a fun game for sim lovers.

[/font][font='Trebuchet MS']

Any feedback and ideas you might have is highly valued as well.

[/font][font='Trebuchet MS']

Thank you!

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News: 29.05.2017 Concept Ideas

[/font][font='Trebuchet MS']

- Crew Members having moral-cricis being exposed to whale hunting, eather by change of heart or by how many times the same crew member joins the hunt in the jolly. (Feedback idea from gamedev.net by ninnghazad)

[/font][font='Trebuchet MS']

- Customization of the ship: Captain`s Cabin, Kitchen, Sail`s, Color, Crew room, Storage room etc.

[/font][font='Trebuchet MS']

- Business factory interaction ala The Guild. Upgrades and visiuals = Productivity.

[/font][font='Trebuchet MS']

- Player can intigrate with the map in Captains Cabin, choosing where to fast travel = Port. Discover islands to note and to establish trade routes with.


The Concept stage and the introduction of the Concept Artist. #1

CONCEPT STAGE: If you are one of those who love naval games and sim, this will be right up your alley.

[font='Trebuchet MS']

A whaling company "Simulation" game sett in the 17th-18th century. Almost Everything happens on the ship, and as a captain you will deal with all the tasks from that time. The ship will be really detailed with alot for the player to do, and of course there is also the trading and business aspect of the game model.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

As the player, you can expect to:


[font='Trebuchet MS']

- Make moral decision when some of your crew members are sick. Will you throw them overboard to save the rest, or spend extra resources to care him back to health.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

- Delegate crew orders like scrubbing deck, repairs, upgrades, crafting and so on.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

- Take part manually in the above.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

- Arrange social nights with shantees and ale to boost morale.



Carve whale art for selling when you make port or just to show of to other players online.


Trade whale oil and other goods for the best price at port. Earn money for upgrades, new ships, new crew member specialists like doctors. Expand your business.

- Meet other players to trade goods and rumours of whale or other spottings.

- Play dice and other games with the crew members.

.- Engange in an action phased hunt for the whale, with a slow motion ability to make the kill.

- Do some fishing to get more resources or just try to catch all of the different fish for your collections.

- Surive the storms, while you delegate orders to minimize the damage.

- Explore everything the ship has to offer.

[font='Trebuchet MS']

Concept Artist: Roland Lucaciu has been hired to do all illustrations and designs for this project. Previously he has done work on Empathy: Path of Whispers which is another very atmospheric game on steam today, this made him perfect for my vision of this game. The art will come sporadicly during these next few weeks.


You can read and follow up here as well.


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