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About this blog

Chronicling the progress of Imperatum

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Steam Early Access

We made it over the first hurdle!  Imperatum is now on Steam Early Access!  Check it out!




First blog

Hey guys this is our first blog post. Not really sure what to put in here so I am going to talk about where we are at in the process. We've been gearing up for an Early Access release on Steam for the past few months. We chose Early Access as the ideal platform for release and forewent other options for a few reasons. First, as I am sure a lot of indie teams can empathize, getting funding for an indie team is very difficult. Luckily we found some early investors and have runway to release on Steam and build up a following for a few months before we have to secure more funding. Second and arguably more important is with the visibility of Steam and Early Access. With that number of eyes on the game we can rapidly iterate on issues that they have and take their feedback in shaping the game much like ARK did. That's not to say that we are releasing something unfit for Early Access. The game will be releasing with 3-6 hours of content, all of the core systems in place and a stable build that hasn't crashed on us a single time. We hope everyone enjoys the game as much as we do working on it. -Imperatum Team



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