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describes what is currently happening at Fullpower

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In essence rescheduling

due to reevaluation of management and priorities in the company, production on some projects is being postponed until the company is more stable to make room for other less over ambitious projects that are predicted to have a higher INPUT to OUTPUT ratio, that being said projects such as project Cloud will resume production when the company is more stable. so in essence the production schedule is being reworked to better the company in the long run

Project Cloud is entering production

As school is coming to a close I am happy to announce that Project Cloud is being put into production the only material I can show at this time is this penciled concept drawing I.F.O.L.D.S. ONLINE... ...OPENING SCHEMATICS FILE CODE-NAME P.A.P.R. MODEL 1 Sorry that it is hard to see, our scanner isn't that great I am exited for this and hope (as this will be Fullpower's first game) that it goes smoothly and sells well
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