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Turning a new leaf

Good afternoon fellow Devs, It's been quite some time since I've visited GameDev.net and kept up. I've been making some new life choices and decided that I'm going to change gears, and strictly work on being an artist (mainly 2D). I'll still work on Design/Writing/World-building, but I'm noticing that I'm not really cut out for being a jack-of-all-trades in game development. I'll try to post my progress in here for those that are curious about my direction. Hope to get some good criticism from you guys, and happy creating! -John

Day 1 of Game Development

So, I've decided to keep a blog up on my daily progress for game development related tasks that I do to help hold myself accountable to progress my learning. Feel free to comment on my entries if you have any tips, tricks or advice on my current progress. Today, I modeled a simple base for a MOBA that I'm helping some guys with. I used Blender to create the shape, and started painting it in photoshop. I couldn't figure out how to make the UV lines show up in photoshop to help guide my painting (please share if you guys know how). I only have 1 - 2 hours each day to work and I'm still learning the programs that I'm using so that's why it won't look like I do much until I get more practice. That's the reason for these entries. To make sure I'm doing something every day.




Time to get started...

Hello fellow Game Developers, I've had some pretty rough months recently with life changes, school, etc. I haven't set aside the time to sit down and do what I know I love to do; create video games! Well, I decided to put my big boy pants back on the correct way this time, and I'm ready to dive back in. I'm still pretty much a n00b at game development, but I have read a wealth of knowledge on video game creation and I think I'm ready to take the plunge once again. I was just curious if anyone would like to share their advice on the beginning stages of becoming a developer (other than the obvious "start small" comment). Feel free to tell your story of just starting out and any shortcomings that you had and how you overcame them. Happy Creating everyone!!!



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