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About this blog

This is my just for fun lifetime HobbyProject. I'm writing a 3D Engine and Editor in .net using SlimDX (yes.. vb.net :D). I was allways interested in Games and Graphics..  so i wanted to do it by my self. It's realy hard to to get everything by yourself.. And i think one life is to short to get ready. But... Having fun is the only thing that counts!  Hope you enjoy.

Entries in this blog


DX11 LensDirt Effect

I've updated the VBexEditor-Interface. Cubemap-data can be arranged to use it as Skybox. The SkyCubeShader is updated to generate nice LensDirt. Have fun...  





Added new Planet-Shader, Skybox, and Bloom\Glow... The youtube compression-quality for dark material is realy bad!  



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