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About this blog

A collection of milestones and events associated with the development of our game.

Entries in this blog

We have almost completed the new movement system for our spy/farmer. Part of your adventures will take you into wilderness, mountains, and caves. To accomplish this we need to have a robust movement system that allows for cliff hanging + climbing. This video demonstrates those animations and how we hope for it to look. Keep in mind we still have camera changes that need to take place to make this smooth, but this is the general idea.

As always, thoughts and ideas are welcome! See you later.

aimOffset with UE4

So, after 3hrs or so of work I have some really cool aimOffset stuff going on with our new farmer.

With this the players will be able to look around and show other players what they are looking at. This can also be used for NPC's to look at the player, hostile creatures, or objects of interest. I am loving UE4 and how simple it makes things like this. Next will be to get the running/walking/jogging animations to do something similar. More updates to come!!!

The Rework Begins

Over the course of the past year I have been working on our game "Valley of Crescent Mountain". Most of this development has been on livestream, while some of it was behind closed doors (so I could fail without anybody seeing me! AHAHAHA) Due to some unfortunate events we have to more or less redo the entire art side of things. At first, this was a pretty big blow as I have been laboring of this stuff for the past 9 months, but this is why knowing your stuff is important.

Often, something we forget to do as inidies is look at the bigger picture. Even when we do, without any real world experience in the industry (on a big picture mindset type of thing) we lack the understanding of what it takes to get a game from point A to point B. This means, in many cases, that we learn from failure or hardship.

The good news is that this blow to the art has certainly made the new stuff shine that much more. Over the past three weeks I have reworked the farmer and his animations, as well as the environment and their overall appeal. Here are some screenshots of such:




Lastly, none of the code was effected by this blunder! This means we didnt really lose any ground other than on the artist front. Expect to see more pictures and screenshots throughout the next month as we regain our footing and get back to where we left off before the GREAT PURGE of art in 2017! :P

Gameplay Intro


We wanted to show off some of the new gameplay features while giving a generic explanation of what you can do. This is the first of many videos to follow in a series that will go over the basic functions of the game. Any questions let me know!

What is VoCM


Born from a passion to have a quality farming game on the PC, we bring you "Valley of Crescent Mountain". However, why stop with farming when you can add espionage to the mix, throw in some magic and perhaps a dastardly deed or two and what you have is our game!

As a newly graduated Spy, you have been dispatched into the world to make a difference and benefit the kingdom. Your first post is to the north near a neutral town settled deep within Crescent Valley. The village is in the middle of the only mountain pass between your kingdom and the neighboring nation. A small plot of land has been purchased on your behalf for you to establish your deep cover identity as a new farmer to the area. Your mission is to  engage with the locals, watch for incursions by the opposing kingdom, sway opinions to your advantage and find new opportunities to push your country's agenda. Amidst all of this, unsettling signs of darkness are making themselves known.







Inspired by previous games such as "Neverwinter Nights", "Harvest Moon", and "Witcher", we wanted to bring a game to life that did justice to the Farming genre and its RPG elements. This is where our game comes in. We are putting a heavy focus on roleplaying events that will define and change how you play the game. Add a unique starting point for the storyline and you have what I call "winner winner, chicken dinner!". Speaking of chickens:





In our game you will be farming on a grid. This grid based system will notify you via visual cue on the status of your crops and the tiled land. Everything from water saturation level to plantable tilled land. If you want to know the status of every tilegrid on your entire farm you can press q and it will quickly show you the status of all tiles on the farm you own. Want to go back to less information, just press the tab key again and it will all be removed and brought back to normal.

You will gather seeds from quests, events, the world, and from other plants. Use these seeds on the tilled land to start creating the birth place for your plants. Once your crops have been brought to adulthood you can harvest them. If you are unhappy with the crop you can throw it away, or if it fits your needs you can store it in your backpack.

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