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One of the high performance and best PHP frameworks is Yii. Yii framework development is secure, fast and very professional for the development of Web 2.0 apps and a whole lot more. The framework is equipped with rich features, which include DAO/Active record, MVC and more. Some other features include testing, authentication, scaffolding and role based access control. Furthermore, it could shorten the time of development significantly for all application or software development.


Nowadays, the Yii Framework is gaining massive popularity and performance among developers. This is due to its being an ultimate open source technology and its dynamic approach. The framework plays an important role in develop web-based apps that acquire heavy traffic on a browser. Yii is available at a competitive price and provides discrete merits to developers and entrepreneurs. Moreover, YII performs a main role in designing web 2.0 apps and handling error. It has the potential to change the look of web app development for technologies in the future via deploying cutting edge solutions with savvy developers.

RAD or Rapid App Development is what’s being followed by Yii coders. In other words, it allows one to get web apps up and running in no time. It is also convenient to customize aps as per the changing business requirements. With easy data migration, one could upgrade/downgrade app version on various installations conveniently. Quite the same to PHP and ASP.NET, Yii also is open source for developing apps to server various purposes. It works best for the development of apps for systems where repetitive tasks have to be performed. It comes with a built-in component-=baed model, database abstraction layers, event-driven programming features and modular app architecture.

Software developers provide Yii framework development services. Service providers have talented, outstanding designers, programmers, content developers as well as internet marketing experts capable of handling each and every aspect of IT like no other.

Businesses these days, to stay ahead of the competition stay on the right track by using the Yii framework. There are some major merits of YIi to a business, such as the following:

1. Easy configuration. YIi provides a simple and convenient process. The framework is one of the best platforms for web application development. Furthermore, it allows following configuration in a remarkable way. Additionally, it helps search for books, tutorials and websites on the browsers that guides and provides a detailed information on setting up configuration and using the framework.

2. Advanced Caching System. Yii offers a cache management system, which enables one to save SQL/Active and static data record quires. This reducers time in many page loading. Furthermore, the system retains customers and ensures a massive user experience.

3. Social media friendly. Today, social media marketing is getting more crucial for each and every business in a digital world. It provides direct access to APIs, which formulates social media modules logical integration that plays a key role in spreading out the worldwide reach of a website.

4. Impressive growth. The framework in reality is flexible and is more compatible, based on the present trend and the current needs of a growing business. It also could handle huge traffic pressure in an effective manner. It also provides high powerful functionality and a malleable tool for web development.

5. Effective community support. Yii provides a helpful and user-friendly community. The community does not only provide a fast start and a joyful experience with the programming code. Moreover, it helps in writing reusable code at an extreme level. The community does an important role in solving code errors of project-related concerns fast. It enables direct connection to social channels through a web-based IRC terminal.

The framework is a unique resource for creating web apps and provides key benefits to successfully run any business. Also, it offers several advantages to developers, allowing them to stay tuned to learn technical factors. There is plenty more to explore when it comes to developing web apps and websites using Yii. Experienced developers are quite confident in using the various available features with the framework. Regardless of how simple or complex the web requirement is, YIi enables having bug-free web solutions. With developers working on a project, there is no need to worry on the cost of the project due to the free availability of different versions that help save additional expenses involved with licensing and others. These days, the YIi is counted as the most popular frameworks of PHP. What makes it outweigh other PHP frameworks is the fact that it possesses a structure model that is of very high quality, helping boost the loading process. The simple source code is understandable to people with little programming knowledge. For novel beginners who are wishing to learn programming, the source code of YIi lends a big start to learn PHP easily.

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