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About this blog

A development blog for Hell Warders, a Hero & Tower Action defense game released on steam.


Entries in this blog

Welcome to Dev Blog Week 24, we are close to finishing Act 2!! We are balancing the monsters and towers, but this might take a week or two to finish it.

There will be a total of 6 maps, including a miniboss in between, and an act boss at the end. The theme of Act 2 is the dungeon. Therefore you will see a bit different layout compare to previous maps.

Without further adieu, these are some screenshots of act2!


Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_26_24 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_28_43 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_28_51 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_29_22 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_29_37 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_30_22 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_30_32 AM.png

Dear Warders, this is Godboy, and this is excellent news for both of us, the update v0.5 will be coming live next week, before the end of October.

We have been working day and night to ensure the quality of the game, balancing the monsters and characters, re-vamping the whole game. Initially, the update only increases the content, maybe few more maps, monsters, and characters but we took a leap of faith and thought this re-vamp should be the best interest of our fans. 

Hell Warders will be a different game after the v0.5 update and hope you will like it. We will release a patch note closer to the date.

We are Anti Gravity Game Studios, an indie game developer based in Hong Kong. We joined the Moscow white nights 2017 on 10-11 October and would like to share some experience about this event.

The venue is situated in Congress Park, right beside the Radisson Royal hotel (looks nice and standout, so it is super easy to locate). The actual layout is one big rectangle hall with the indie developer at the exterior wall surrounding the larger sponsors. There is another indie area which is separated out near the entrance. Initially, we thought the position is poor, but after talking to other indie developers in the main hall, we have concluded that the overall population attending is not that high. 

I would like to point out the attendee of this event, mostly are mobile ads/traffic redirection company, where they are looking for clients to buy their PR packages or place their ads in your game. The second-most is localization companies, then the indie developers.

The booth is small, of course, we know it beforehand. The booth is 1m x 1.5m wall, which comes with two chairs, a cocktail table, wifi, and electrical outlet. To be honest, to showcase a mobile game/ console game, just bring 1 set of them. For VR booth, you will get a larger booth, 1m  x 3m (width), but to be honest, at most there will be around 10 - 15 people try out your game throughout two days. Therefore if you are a VR developer and have to travel far to set-up, I would greatly greatly recommend you NOT to come, unless you live in Moscow and coming over is easy.

The cost makes sense, as the booth is free, only expense will be your traveling cost, buying the pass and the cost of printing your poster and business card. So think ahead what you want to achieve before coming. For the indie pass, it cost 125 USD, and if you are exhibiting, you get a 15% discount. For a regular pass, it's 250USD, and premium should be around 375 USD (able to attend the after and pre-party)

About the lectures, they are not that interesting for the year 2017, as there are more online GDC lectures nowadays, attending just for the talks isn't worth the price.

It is quite crowded throughout the first day, but the population drops dramatically on the second day like 40% left, and many indie-developer did not set-up their booth or even left early.

At last, there is a 2meet system where you can schedule a time to meet developers/anyone; this is a handy tool to reach other related people, do utilize it!

In conclusion, it is worth coming to see the event, and the booth is free, so if you happen to be in Moscow, or decided to go anyway, you can set-up a booth and see if you can get anything out from it. The overall impression of this event isn't great as little international company was here, mostly local Russian companies, so the variety of people you can meet are limited. The up-side is there are free champagne, food, and drinks :)

Photo 10-10-2017, 12 05 41.jpg

Photo 10-10-2017, 12 05 51.jpg

Photo 10-10-2017, 12 06 00.jpg

Photo 11-10-2017, 09 56 33.jpg

Hello Warders!! Welcome to our weekly development blog. this is Godboy. Firstly, we would like to thank you for reading this blog and for those who have been sticking around waiting for the Version 0.5 update. 

We have finally finished an exhibition version (without menu UI, inventory system, etc.) which means people can play the whole game but unable to change the character for now. We will be exhibiting our game in White Nights Game Conference 2017 in Moscow, therefore if you happened to be there, please come and visit us!!

Without further ado, here is the sneak peek video for the first map:


Hello Hell Warders, we are now close to the finish of our game update, there are some new updates for you guys!! Release date should be in 2 weeks time!! Sorry for the delay!!

Our campaign mode for Act 1: 
- Five maps + Boss stage
- Champion remains the same (3 Champions)
- Music Re-vamped
- Lobby removed (will be added back in later after campaign mode is done, you can still co-op with using in-game menu)
- Lots of new monsters
- Tower re-worked
- Tower Upgrades
- Tower placement mechanism improved
- Removed Spirit-orb system (no more run & pickup)
- Improved map designs
- Controller Enabled




Hey Guys!! We are back from Tokyo Game Show; there are so many booths and lots to tell you guys about!

Firstly, we have met with 5-6 publishers from Japan, Spain, Indonesia and UK. We have shown Hell Warders and previous games to them, and the feedbacks were good. Although we understand that the actual business partnership takes a long time to develop, we still hope there will be some publisher that is willing to partner with Hell Warders.

Secondly, we saw lots of new game trial and the most attractive is Monster Hunter World. Additionally, there are lots of indie-game as well, we saw some very interesting indie-game where the AI scans through your twitter account and pick a 3D character & weapon suitable for you.

We have talked with lots of other game developer and exchanged some ideas, and hope these will be useful to Hell Warders development!

Now, time to rush our upcoming update!!

Heres some photo of Tokyo Game Show!!

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 06 09 (1).jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 08 53.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 22 21.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 23 37.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 29 08.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 29 56 (1).jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 41 16.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 41 35.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 41 43.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 48 58 (1).jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 16 12 02.jpg

Hey, Hell Warders! Its the week 16 of Hell Warders weekly dev blog. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog, although there have been some delays with the development, I want to give you guys some updates about the game.

Firstly, we will be attending Tokyo Game Show, both me and my partner. We have scheduled a few meetings with publisher and producer, hope it will bring us more insights about the game industry and improve our work.

Secondly, we are finally close to releasing our next update. We sincerely apologize for the delay in the update, as we are testing out different settings, which is very different from the previous version. We have shifted from a "Party co-op" mode into a campaign mode, which is a huge challenge for us, we hope to be able to release the update within two weeks time, we are VERY VERY close.

Give you guys some screenshots of our work in progress!









This week, we had some delay due to arranging exhibition around the world. We will be heading to White Night Conference in Moscow, ESGS in Philippines, Taipei Game Show and most importantly, GDC!!! We will be setting up the booth in these expos; we hope to see you there!!

Back to Hell Warders, we have removed the resource generation tower as game-core, as it was not clean enough. We went back to a more classical, killing monsters that generate resources method. We hope Hell Warders will be easy to understand, play and enjoy.

We are now developing our boss stage, polishing the stages in Act 1. There are lots of details need to re-touch, but we are confident that Hell Warders is going to be awesome!! Something that you guys worth waiting for!!









I would like to apologize to everyone that is waiting for the next patch for Hell Warders. We have been working hard on producing content, but unfortunately, we have missed our deadline.

We are currently stuck at first five missions, as they will be the foundation for the whole game, we would like to make it as solid as possible; therefore we have spent more time than we expected on these missions.

We anticipate there will be two weeks of delay for this patch.

We promised to bring you an excellent gaming experience; therefore, we decided not to release what we have now without polishing it.

Once again, Anti Gravity Game Studios is determined to give you an amazing gaming experience with an Indie-Studio!

Welcome to another dev blog of Hell Warders, this is Godboy!! Yes, it is me again...

Last week, we were busy with the exhibition in Hong Kong. We had a booth with a trailer showing and two game trial station. It was fun to talk with the players face to face and listen to their comments. It lasted for four days. It was fun to step out of our office and do something different! We will be joining more and more competitions and exhibition in coming future! Let us know if you would like us to join some of your events!

After the exhibition, we are now back on working the major update. Lots of scene updates, balancing, character designs, tons of stuff need to improve. 









Hey, guys!! There's less than a month for our upcoming major update & revamp of Hell Warders, and I am excited just as you are! What have we been doing last week? 

Firstly, the development process has been delayed a bit due to our original company Ares Games' rebranding. Now, we are officially called Anti Gravity Game Studios!! Lots of souvenirs designs, hoodies, and merchandise, etc., we hope Anti Gravity will give you a fresh feeling and show you our passion for game development!

Our website: www.antigravitygame.com

Secondly, Hell Warders is undergoing a rapid development on scenes!! We are determined to give players more maps to play. Our art director has a deadline of 10 maps within two weeks, which is a very challenging task, but we promise players to bring the best experience, therefore we will try our best to satisfy every one of you!!

Thirdly, the gameplay is nearly finalized; we are now working on game balancing for tower's attack damage, monsters HP/damage, and resource allocation.

Fourthly, we will be setting up a booth from 10-13 July in a Retro Game Expo in Hong Kong, we hope if anyone of you happens to be in town, come visit us!!!

HELLLLLLLO! It is me Godboy again!! After last week's discussion and development, we have some adjustment made and going down a straight road.

Firstly, light source building restriction mentioned last week's dev blog. We have tried this building restriction but the overall feeling is a bit tedious and not that suitable for a 3D action game, we are pretty sure it will work if it is a top-down tower defense game.

Secondly, removing blockades & reducing the smartness of monsters. We have been trying to balance between TD & Action game, but the conclusion we had was, it is impossible to make a two sided sword, action + TD game, not saying they are mutually exclusive, just that it is impossible to make a perfect action & perfect TD game at the same time. We are planning to make it similar to Dungeon Defenders' TD, plus improved action elements plus Plant VS Zombie's resource management. We hope this combination will challenge classic-TD players and action-game players as well!

Thirdly, R&D!! It is critical for the game to have enough depth and freedom to level-up, research, improve the towers. We are still discussing what the best way to provide sufficient depth for players to enjoy and still within the production scope is. We are proposing a Tech-tree upgrade where you unlock the tech-tree (new units) through leveling and research the upgrade through research points / how many missions it requires to complete. Additionally, upgrading existing units (damage/attack interval), through in-game currency. 

We hope to show you more next week!!


Draft concept of resource generator - Harvestor?


Hello hello!! It's me again with the week 8 development blog, this week we spent some time relocating our studio and discuss the future changes of the game.

Firstly, we have tried unit-count system which may not be the best resource management for our game, as unit-count may hinder and difficult to balance during progressing character level. On the other hand, we tried a new method of resource management which is a traditional "Mana Crystal" which you gain over-time and killing monsters.

This resource system will come with another feature "Light Source building", which players will only be able to build within the Light Source area. Our team thinks this system will increase the depth of gameplay and challenges player to solve it with their solution. These Light Source Building will also generate "mana crystal" and there will be mana crystal boosting upgrades.

We are building a prototype for this system, and if it is fun, we will implement into our next patch!

Thank you for reading this week's development blog! After a long week of development, the first draft of tower loadout and quest system are finally complete!! I can tell you that both systems complement each other very well, I am excited to show this system to every one of you!!! Now we have to start balancing the both system and improve UI & UX of them.

Buying towers & personalize your own tower loadout. There will be a specific amount of resource per quest (starting resource + drop from monsters); therefore you will only be able to summon a specific number of towers. The tower leveling progression is also one of the fun parts, where you spend resources you gain after completing each quest to level up them.

There will also be at least 4 new towers, 6 new monsters and 1 playable character added into the game after the next patch! I look forward to bring this patch to live, but there are still tons of balancing and new content require testing.

These are just placeholder.









Welcome again to the weekly development blog of Hell Warders. This blog will be about the progress of Tower Loadout system. We have finished the Quest and Missions system previous week and continue to create various kinds of quests.

Tower loadout system is a total revamp of our game-core, which will replace the picking of Spirit Orb. This tower loadout system in-game will be similar to Dungeon Defenders or Orc Must Die. Additionally, we provide a way more depth about it.

Our Tower Loadout system will allow players to 
1) Level-up quality and quantity of these towers
2) Select which towers to bring into specific quests
3) Have own combination of towers

In details, players will get currency from completing missions, then spend them onto whether leveling the towers stats or quantity, to be able to summon more in a mission. Players also can choose any combination they like, for example, if players want to do 6 catapult towers or 20 blockades, it is entirely up to the player's choice.

 More news about the Tower Loadout system as we further develop it!

Thank you for reading the weekly development blog of Hell Warders. This week we brought you an update on quest & missions

Currently, we nearly finish the quest and mission system and developing different types of quest. It will be similar to the game Monster Hunter where you accept a quest and head out and fight. Although we do not have their "semi-open" world, it is still tower defense with a similar feeling.

There will be different tiers of quests which players can progress, earning a Hell Warders Rank (account bound), which unlocks cosmetics in future. Each quest will have its own star level as difficulty indicator. These quests will act as a campaign for players to advance in the Hell Warders World. Clearing each quest will award experience points for the Hero & items. These items will have a game-changing effect on the hero, for example, Ash's equipping a fire sword will increase the radius of his skill etc.

We hope this campaign system will bring users a better experience in this game, also do not forget about the tower loadout system we will be developing in coming weeks! They both complement each other very much!

After testing and deploying Patch 0.4, we will start the next phase 0.5 content patch. We expect this patch to roll out two months later. Why will it take us this long? It is because there will be a massive update on every aspect of the game.

We heard a lot of user's feedback about the tower placement system being tedious but unique at the same time. Although we would like to keep it, it hinders the game expansion on tower contents. As the previous blog mentioned, we will be implementing a tower loadout and quest/mission system! More news will be posted on our development blog.

Firstly, we would like to focus on improving monster types & depth. We are introducing armor, magic resistance, physical & magic damage, monster archetype and boss mechanics. For example, some monster will reduce or ignore physical damage from towers etc.

Secondly, we will start designing quests and missions with different monster type to challenge player's choices of towers. The final goal of this quests and missions shall include a campaign mode.

Thirdly, tower loadout system will allow players to customize tower progression and usage in different quests!

Time to dive back into Unity.

After a week of development and testing, we are now close to the 0.4 update, Gentle Giants.

Firstly, we would like to address the issue on tower progression. We received the comments from players about the lack of depth in tower aspect. We are trying to modify this tower system into something fun for tower defense fans. Currently, our approach is limited to upgrading the tower through the spirit orb system, where you collect spirit orb and level them up. This upgrade system will not be the final form of the game and a lot of more to come.

Over the weekend, we have discussed with our team and planned out the road map of our development. There are a few things we would like to have in the game. 

1) Monster pack encounters to increase the depth of gameplay. Currently, the different stages of our game do not vary much. Therefore players will fight against the same monsters over and over again from map 1 to map 4; we know this is boring! Therefore, we will introduce monster packs, which contains specific monster army, such Abaddon army, Moloch army, or a mix of both, to challenge player’s defense. We hope this will bring more variation. At the same time, we will also introduce armor, magic defense, armor & magic penetration to different monsters and equipment. This encounter system will increase the depth and allows players to react to these monster packs, whether stack up armor or magic penetration units.

2) Quests, missions and Hell Warders Rank to increase the incentive of progressing. What we see in the game is that players do not have an incentive to proceed further apart from just the fun from the battle; therefore we are introducing quests and missions. These quests and missions have rewards that give hero equipment, companion equipment, cosmetics, and ranking. We would like to introduce a “Hell Warders” ranking system, which you proceed further, you will get more challenging quests and missions to challenge players, at the same time, having better rewards!

3) Tower spellbook to reduce the tedious of picking up spirit orb. One of the unique points in Hell Warders is the picking up of spirit orb without the resource management system. Numerous players commented on the spirit orb system being tedious; therefore we are thinking of scrapping the spirit orb - tower picking system. Removal of spirit orb does not mean we are throwing it away, but looking whether battle upgrade (double damage, movement speed) spirit orb instead of a defensive unit, which might be more suitable for players. The player can choose to leave the battle, pick spirit orbs, then go back to fight.

4) The inventory system is vital to hero progression. Currently, the game only has a simple perk system which does not provide a sufficient RPG element in the game. We will be introducing cosmetic & equipment in the future. These items will affect how strong a player will be, but not a random "stats" rolling drop. 

In conclusion, we have identified a few areas that we should work on to increase the depth of gameplay. We will also continue to modify these changes to balance out the game and introduce more features to make Hell Warders a better game.

After getting into our second week of early access, we have identified a few major flaws in our game, for example, tower system being unclear, latency issue, slow response from key input etc.

Currently, we are shifting our focus to tackle these problems instead of content creation. We would like to give players a better first-time experience than a re-playability feature. Following things are what we are working on right now.

1) Client-side prediction 
Currently, the response time for pressing jump or wasd is slow, and it makes it even worse when latency is high. The uneasy of movement is due to the lack of the "client-side prediction" implemented in our system. Our system is currently depending on position synchronization to issue actions; therefore, there will be a big delay between input and output. To solve this, we have to implement client side prediction which improves the experience of users. We anticipate this system takes around 2 to 3 days to develop and around a week to debug it before it is live.

2) Tower re-work and upgrade
Firstly, our towers function is unclear. Secondly, our towers are boring. We have identified this problem and discussed it with our team. There are net-launcher and cannoneer, but users do not recognize or understand their function without a very detailed manual, but this is against our face-pace, no resource management playstyle. Therefore, we will be modifying most of the defense units to something easier to understand, something like blockade where users can easily understand their function.
Another issue is towing being too boring and without characteristics. We know that some players want to focus on tower placement and enjoy the beauty of defense arrangement. Therefore, we are working on a tower upgrade system which players will pick up spirit orbs and feed it to the towers. After reaching a certain level, it can evolve into different units.

3) Smaller maps 
One of our flaws is focusing on co-op experience instead of focusing solo gameplay. When we launch during early access, we only contain 4-player maps which are too large for the single-player experience. We saw a few players complaining about picking spirit orbs being tedious. We have already taken immediate measure to develop a 1-2 player map (Dark Alley) in 2 days to compensate this flaw. A smaller map gives players a better experience and easier for players to handle. Therefore, more smaller maps will be developed to enhance solo player's experience.

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