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About this blog

This blog is about my new game: EP*.

It is a platform game developed in Swift using the cocos2d-objc framework and SpriteBuilder. The work is carried on in my spare time as an hobby project. It will be available for IOS only.

At the moment the game is in early development stage (Pre-Alpha). This is the current (not 100% accurate) schedule for the project:

- By Monday 10 July 2017: Leave Pre-Alpha development and enter Alpha version development (Αlpha 1.0).

- In early August 2017: Leave Alpha version and enter Beta version development (Beta 1.0). It is likely that the game will be available in TestFlight at that time.

- In the future: Finally official version (Final 1.0) will get released on the AppStore.


*The final product name will probably be different.


Check out http://redgemgames.com/ for more RGG games.

Entries in this blog


Pre-Alpha Update

The game development has just started and we are now officially in Pre-Αlpha  (Early Development)!!! At the moment the project is at the very beginning, but I hope that it will grow beautiful in the next weeks. The following image shows the Status Update for this version.   This Status Update into the details: +New: MainMenu with UI buttons +New: Gameplay Scene with Basic Physics (gravity, ground interaction, characters interaction, etc) +New: Player Character Class +New: UI buttons for Player actions (move, jump, attack) +New: First Enemy Character Class +New: First Enemy Character movement implementation and Player Character interaction (follow, die when hit)



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