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UK gamers currently get a second possibility to win with EuroMillions. A new draw began on Friday 13th November 2009 called EuroMillions Millionaire Sweep. This is attracted each week before the main EuroMillions attract takes place.

The big reward is ₤ 1 Million, and also due to the fact that the video game is a raffle, it is guaranteed to be won by somebody weekly.

That Can Play?

Just players acquiring tickets in the UK are consisted of in the draw. This is an add-on ready the UK only.

How Do You Play?

You just acquire your EuroMillions ticket as typical. However each ticket will currently automatically include an additional raffle number unique to that ticket just.

If you get more than one line of numbers, you will certainly get an unique sweep number for each entrance.

What Does A Millionaire Raffle Number Appear like?

Sweep numbers are 9 figures long, comprised of three letters after that six numbers, such as this ABC123456.

Can I Choose My Own Numbers?

Sorry, no. Each sweep number is produced when publishing your EuroMillions ticket. But it matters not anyhow since one number is picked at random from simply those designated (i.e. a raffle, not a lottery). That ticket wins 1 Million.

What Are The Possibilities Of Winning?

The EuroMillions chances have not altered. However your possibilities of winning the Millionaire Drawing depend on the number of people in the UK get a EuroMillions ticket. That varies from week to week.

Normally concerning 6 million tickets are sold in the UK every week. So your odds will certainly have the tendency to be around 1-in-6 million. Yet special draws as well as rollover draws sell a great deal even more tickets, so the probabilities will be a lot even worse for those weeks.

Just what's The Catch?

Well the catch is, if you stay in the UK you now have to pay 2 UK pounds for a EuroMillions ticket! (Tickets utilized to be 1.50). So you're successfully paying 50p to play Millionaire Drawing. Unfortunately it's not optional, yet it isn't horrible value for money either provided the reward as well as normal chances.

Can I Play If I Don't Reside in The UK?

Just Euromillions online tickets acquired in the UK will include the drawing number.

If you do want to play yet do not live in the UK, you could sign up with a UK based EuroMillions Organization (if they acquire their tickets in the UK all their tickets will certainly include the Millionaire Drawing entrance).


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