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- memory hierarchy : memory > area > ( ordered/unordered block )

- root object : 
@ initialize : setting values in an existed area
@ create : allocating any new area
@ delete : freeing above an area

- sub object : 
@ allocate : allocating any new unorderd block in an existed area
@ deallocate : freeing any new unorderd block in an existed area
@ push : allocating any new ordered block in an existed area
@ pop : freeing any new ordered block in an existed area
@ point : accessing a specific block and getting address

- common : 
@ set : editing values in a specific memory
@ get : bringing values from a specific memory

I know previous generations have undergone school educations of a dictatorship with brutal teacher beside government police and records for regulations so they are very conservative and 

cynical. but now many youngsters have been far away from those so cool , liberal , private. I'm in post position at now my adult time but partially not at adolescent. 

I'm experienced teachers who are nearly close to those above so cynical , hypocritical. I hate having very negative viewpoints to everything and cynical so I'm not trying to be these but other people

who were in same generation normally do that. because they are sons of brutal generation. some thoughts makes me ponder dealing it and this problems are looked like having to be solved for future.

why? It's going more and more to be a reason of social argument...

Hey Myum, It's been a looooong time ... I've been known about the fact I must have had censorship for my posts in my blog and some communities.

so I feel like this place is blowing fresh air to me. anyway listen to me! this is a very important thing.

I have no tutor or friends (looks like a hikikomori?) and even have few assets except taxes and utility charges, yea maybe I'm perfect for being ready to die as well.

so what I want to say is that I should give up being a normal person. in other words all my little laid-back times should be gonna be away from you plus, all my habits must turn work-acts for earning money.

second plus, I know you saw me plan some my projects that called "link compiler with plxpr" "hardening and optimizing plib" "building a renderer with a new engine" "pserver" and so on.

I'm passionate to do these and will finish these. 


"Some might say you get what you've been given. If you don't get yours, I won't get mine as well..."

okay hold on... I have some serious issues so should have a plan so let's get started.

for my future, I have to take down my costs of spending in daily and limit it so consider it.


for food costs to be under :

1. a bag of rice that costs about $50 can be spent for two months by eating one medium bowl of boiled rice per day > I should spend $300 by 6 bags per year

2. I must spend 3 liters of water per day that costs $5 > spend $2,000 per year

3. vitamins and minerals and moods are essential for my daily life away from stresses, a box of kimchi can be spent for one month and costs $5, a 35lbs coffee powder costs $5 > $520

for a year, I should spend about $2,820 for survival

and a pay per year is about $15,943 so the first distance is about $13,123

for taxes : 

1. spent $355 for monthly rent with $6,200 deposit > $4,260 per year except that deposit

2. spent $71 for monthly utility charge > $852 per year

3. spent $2,136 for a year income tax and $18 for a year local improvement tax 

outcome : $13,123 - $7,266 = $5,857 ...

one time paid costs : 

1. one pc costs $160 with utilities that cost $100 and one smart phone costs $40 from used stuff > $300

2. one tablet from aliexpress costs $80

3. one harrington jacket with one bomber jacket , one hoodie vest with two hoodie , three tartan shirts , five sweatshirts , five tshirts , four jeans with three cotton pants , four 5 yards tartan kilts , 

four pairs of kilt hoses ... about $400

outcome : $400 + $6,200 deposit = $6,600 ... -$5,857 ... from now on static cost is $0

my investment :  about 0.45BTC


I can survive around brutal beasts and can smack on troll messages. I should do and finish this plan for some years. yea ......... yea

no one don't care about me so i don't need any helps because any no sympathy is around me and it's real.

i think though my ideal world or any idea, no transaction of communication for other side profis is here

woa-ouh chill...

I got out of a community that is of game journals owned and torn by unknown online cliques related to government cyber forces five years ago.

some people had volunteer that for managing posts , events and censoring contents from trolls during most of months and 

could get high level staff position and happened so could get some qualifications for staff election. but suddenly they made some issues.

most people had illogical and irrational penalties from a fake guilt the fucking dickhead staffs made and they were banned from the community.

yeah they were looked like acting government upholder groups and finally administrator showed up and cut the dickheads.

yeah the noisy issues had been finished successfully? NOPE some of the dickheads changed their nicknames and were acting like positive critics about commu.

so since that fucking issue was happened, no one can't post delicate posts because troll dickheads will be coming and reply fucking biased posts with DISLIKE!


yea most communities looks like that my commu some maddest cyber forces or UPHOLDERS

so painful and mindfuckingful

묨 : whassup mate i heard youre considering bitcoin so you have some bitcoin right?

me : yup this has very attractive feature , encryption , p2p transfer , usage of everywhere

묨 : so sweet but is it the best choice to have bitcoin today?

me : ofcourse not but many people think it's the best investment item. but bitcoins are transferred to "wallet" with blockchain recording all actions or taken by "mining" that it rewards some bitcoins by solving many math problems. if you don't have lost any wallet address with keys or security informations , your bitcoins will be safe every.

묨 : hmm keep it up eh

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