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About this blog

This shall be my journey from learning C plus plus to making the games I always wanted to.

Entries in this blog

Ok, so I regret skipping those chapters in my C++ book that i didn't get. So I scrapped pong and have decided to just concentrate on the great book that is Beginning C++ Game Programming. A wise move I feel.
Well my experience with SDL is growing but I have no idea how to do the collision detection. I think a bit of research is in order because at the moment I have 2 static paddles and a stationey ball on the screen.

About Me

I should probably let you all know a little about myself. I have been dabbling with C++ for about 2 years purely as a hobby. I don't ever intend to make games for a living but I enjoy the whole creative side of it and I seem to have grasped the basic concepts of C++ pretty well.
Me and my programming buddy, (Si) set a little challenge and then after we finish we exchange source code and see the difference in the ways we have implemented the task.
Well, first challenge is set............. PONG! so off I go then, i'll be learning a bit of collision detection on the way and I'll post our results soon.
We use C++ and SDL.

Found A Partner

A great start! I have found somebody who is about the same skill level as I am, has the same book I'm learning from and also likes RPG's.
We are currently discussing future plans and hopefully we will be working together to create an rpg in the future.
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