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About this blog

Development blog for a game I'm currently working on

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Progress is back since finals just ended. Currently working on the ally behavior. The main problem I'm facing right now is how to get them to track the enemies. The enemy and ally classes are very similar since both essentially move towards a target and attack entities of the opposite team if they come in range. However, for the enemy, they simply track the banner object, which is by default always in the game, from the first frame on. However, I need to come up with a method to have allies choose an enemy to move towards once it's been spawned, and then attack. I also need to do some design work, because I'm not sure whether or not I want the allies to stay in a position and then only move if the enemy is within a certain range, or just go straight for the enemies no matter how far away they are. I did what I could today, I'll have it figured out by the next update.

Tasks in progress:

- Ally and Enemy combat / tracking

- Resource collection and storing

Plan by next update:

- All in progress (8/10):

- Begin UI

- Design work (buildings, combat)

Things are busy as always. However, I'm continually putting in as much time as I can in my spare moments. Sometimes it's thirty minutes, sometimes a few hours. At this rate, I can see us having a prototype for the game (probably minus art) running by the end of August. Currently, the player/enemy behavior is basically done (and I mean basically), and I'm just trying to get the wave spawning correct. My counterpart is working on the UI for the build and recruit options. We're still trying to get organized as a team, and it's rough, as I mentioned, because final exams are coming up and I really shouldn't even be working on this project right now but I can't help it :)

Another artist's concept for the characters is attatched.

Never quit!

Scan 1 (1).jpeg

Finals are coming up in my college, so obviously I wont be devoting major time to this for a week or so, but after that it's time to go ham!

I've been reaching out a lot more recently since I've been using this site and working on this project, and I've got to say that it's been a great idea. I'm learning a lot about how to better take advantage of OOP concepts. I've gotten pretty decent at  how to use procedural languages, and that's kind of the mindset I've been stuck in. Obviously I understand the concepts of OOP, but I didn't really put effort into really using them and maximizing my efficiency until recently. So, this project will also be a great learning experience.

I'm still working on basic player/enemy behaviors, and since I'm discovering how to maximize my efficiency, it's taking a little longer now that it usually would. But in the long run this will pay off with faster progress.

Here's some concept art for potential characters in the game

Stay tuned!

medieval knight guy 1.jpg

I've only had about 15 minute to work on this project the last two days. I've been talking about it to potential teammates and thinking about it quite a bit throughout my day, but life is busy and it can be hard to find time. However, progress is still being made.

Basics of player control (combat, movement, and resource collection) are completed, now I'm beginning to focus on enemy basic behavior. After I get through that, which might take a while, I'll move to wave control, then building basics, then allies, then UI. I have several people still working on some concept art to figure out what direction I'd like to move in artistically for the game, so hopefully by the end of this first prototype iteration I'll have some sample art to implement.

After I've gotten through this first iteration, I'm going to spend a bit of time focused on design, as I've recently been struck with a couple ideas which could add more depth to the game. 

Keep up the grind!

Worked on the resource collection today. My goal is to complete the resource collection, player combat capability (including both melee and ranged) as well as possibly creating some behavior for some of the buildings by Wednesday. My fellow programmer is working on the UI for the game.

Definitely a big challenge for me is to learn how to delegate work as a team lead. It's hard not to be too picky with the way people do things, as everyone does things in there own way. It is something I'll get the hang of though! As for the art, progress is still being made but unfortunately I have nothing to show at this time.

Expect a good progress update by Wednesday.

Stay woke!

Decent progress today. I'm lucky enough to have an artistically gifted family (minus myself of course). I've got two artists currently working on concept art for the theme of the game. Initially, I hadn't given much thought to the artwork, but when I started thinking about it I realized I need to utilize my resources better for a better game. Initially the idea was a sort of cartooney, fun, colorful theme with the architecture and characters being western medieval knights (I finally learned how to spell medieval correctly today... congrats me). However, there are many opportunities to break out of the standard here.

Feudal Japan is obviously another appealing choice. Who doesn't like samurai? You've also got China, eastern Europe (Russia), India, Egypt... even fantasy such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, etc. So many different and interesting choices. Of course, we don't want to make a fan game or anything, so we'll simply be drawing influence from these things. I'll post some of the concept as soon as I get it.

I also got together with another programmer and we talked about the idea and specifics in terms of UI and enemy behavior. All in all, good progress!

Here's a shitty diagram of the basic idea of the game:



    The reason this blog is called "My First Success" is because I am dedicating myself to make sure to see this project all the way through. My list of projects is endless, but my list of finished products numbers 2 right now, neither of which are impressive. 

    I'm still in the early design phase. I'm planning this game to be developed through the Fall semester (that means 4 months - piece of cake). The idea currently is to have a castle-building 2D game. For the first phase, I intend for the player to be able to collect resources (stone & food), recruit 3 basic units (soldier, farmer, and miner), build the basic buildings (storage, mine, walls, gate), and involving the player character in combat. Eventually, RPG elements, as well as large scale strategy and persistence would be cool, but that's way beyond my current scope so I'm just going to throw those out for now. The final goal is to have two players build their fortresses and armies and try to take each other's castles. I plan to enable only local multiplayer, since I have no current experience with multiplayer games.

    For now, however, the first build of the game will only involve one player character building a fortress and defenders, and a continuous onslaught of enemies trying to take the player's castle. I'm intending to use Unity, and have minimal graphics that I can create myself (since I'm a programmer primarily, art is not my strong suit). However I'm going to research and perhaps use a different engine or framework depending on, really, what I feel like. I'll probably have at least one other programmer and an artist to help me on this project.

    Stay tuned for future updates (which will involve pictures).


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