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About this blog

I am Flatingo and I am a Ukrainian developer of indie games. I really like this direction and would like to further develop in this direction and share my experience and emotions.

Here my advice will be in step-by-step development of my game and its promotion, as well as streams and personal emotions about the different stories. Oh, yes, as well as I will announce and share my games.

Entries in this blog


Game design, Player types and Pleasures from games

Hi. To be honest, but the game design for me has always been something unique and interesting. My path of game development first started with programming. After I began to draw, in order to be universal, but later, I discovered the game design and that was for me, on a pedestal favorite direction. Today I would like to touch on the types of players, why they play the games and pleasures of games.

  Be brief and clear. In our nature there are 4 types of players: explorers, killers, sociable and those who like committed to something.  Crooks. This type of players are focused more on the quick passing game. It does not matter the study and details in the game. 
Killer. These guys love to destroy everything and kill everybody. Just put them in the tank, tell them where it is necessary to blow - trust me, they will not leave anything alive there.
Sociable. They love socializing, but most of all they love online games where can someone make friends, work in team and to tell you the recipe for a delicious mother's cookies. 
Researchers. How do you think, what you like to do this group of players? I also think that they are exploring every path in the game where you can collect all achievements.  Every time you create a game, ask yourself the question: "what kind of player I do my game? Is it possible to combine these types of players in my game, changed some part of it?"

    Incidentally, with regard to online games. Why do you think people play online games? First, they like competition, will compete to get to the top and gain respect. Secondly, people like to work in a team. Personally I play team games and more hours spent in team modes rather than in single. I love this mode. Thirdly, people play online games in order to meet and chat with friends, spend time with them online and meeting them to have constant, friendly contact. As you know, men play more games than girls. Their main game is the first 20 years. Action and aesthetics - their element. From 20 to 30 years, men are already playing something more calm and tactical, where you do not need a lot of push on the joystick, but need to think. And about men from 30-35 years to play in something calm, for example in genres "I'm search" and "Farm". But women, as a rule, begin actively playing with for 30 years. More women in the world, but I don't like the game. But often after 30 years of playing farm frenzy.       Identify the main fun of the players:  Fantasy. We love to feel part of another world, which could be anyone. 
Plot. Sometimes the plot can cause a pleasant sense of his sudden change of events, a dramatic denouement and linearity. 
Partnership. Teamwork is enjoyable. 
Discovery. The opening of the new - is the main game fun. 
Expression. Everyone loves to brag about. 
Obedience. Cool when you can control others.
Feeling. When you realize that step the expected event, then the waiting becomes a pleasure. 
The gloating. When you killed your enemy, it's nice. 
Gifts. We love to receive gifts? 
Humor. No comment. 
Choice. To go left or right? I have a choice?
Fulfilled goal. We love to reach goals and to feel pride because of this.
Surprise. We love to be surprised. The Japanese are masters at it. 
Fear. We love to be frightened and to feel the shaking. This is an interesting kind of fun that we both and hate. 
A miracle. When we are strongly of something was surprised and experienced a wild delight from something. 
A tough win. That moment, when initially there was little chance to win, but you win.   So when making a game, think of the fun highlights of your game and how much to add. My name is Flatingo and I love to make games. If you also like to make games, welcome to my YouTube channel. Good luck in your projects.  




How to learn to draw game graphics

So, drawing. How to learn how to draw game graphics and how to learn to draw at all, when is your maximum this?       Okay, then let's discuss this. To begin with, I'm not a cool artist, but I persistently develop this skill in myself, every day drawing and stacking tons of paper. By the way, I advise this to you. This is good advice. As in the beginning of any business that you start, you do not need to show yourself a super genius, have super equipment and immediately invest huge amounts of money in your development. No, my dear friend, start small, and everything else will come with time. Therefore, to begin with, choose the style of drawing that you want and just practice in it. Just do not paint in all styles at once. To begin with, determine what you like and understand what styles there is. Watching how the games and their style develop, I can say with confidence that now the pixel art, cartoonish and comic graphics are in fashion. Who needs hyperrealistic humanoids and canons now? This is a huge zamorochki in creating games and stereotyped. Do not be afraid to draw a fist bigger than your head, and legs are the size of a joystick.       Fashion, where beautifully painted drawings and brought them to realism, gradually disappears. Minimalism, simplicity and violation of proportions is what is now actual. Look at the latest games, because they became easier in style and no less beautiful (Overwatch, Dota2, Pixel Piracy, etc.). I will also say that I am a big fan of vector graphics and how it looks. What not to say about China and the eastern countries that can not live without it. This is not a joke, because in fact, Chinese developers are styling their games for a bright cartoon graphics with the addition of anime. In the east
This is popular.   Here are the games of Klei Entertainment. Pay attention to the style. You see? He's alone in all games and it's cool. This is the most important thing - to find your own style. I'm sure the director will not fire this artist.       Look at other industries: advertising, television, etc. Everywhere simple graphics are used, for it is easy to perceive. People are now very lazy and quickly get used to everything, so vector graphics are now gaining good growth. By the way, to draw graphics for games, you need and do not need a graphics tablet. Look, the point is that you can draw a vector and pixels with your mouse. Believe me, this will be enough for you. But the tablet is relevant when you are drawing something more or less detailed. More often it is used for detailing and texturing an object in Photoshop. I once read Christopher Hart's book about drawing comics. You can also read the book of your chosen style, as well as redraw the different pictures you like. Why? Over time, the hand and the brain will memorize the outline and images, and it will be easier for you to come up with something new in the future, as well as draw already existing pictures in your head.   Well, I probably will finish this, but this is not my last article. I will be happy if you need my experience. By the way, more information about the development of games and everything related to it you can find out on my YouTube channel. With you was a Ukrainian developer of indie games - Flatingo. Good luck to you.  




Gamedesign. How do I create level design. My advice

Hello, gamedev. I love to make and play games, especially 2D. This I had from the time of Dendy & Sega. I remember how I admired the aesthetics of games, and beautiful backgrounds rear. I always pay attention to it and can look at the design of the first level without pressing any keys. Well, I would like today to talk a little bit about the level design. My name is Flatingo and I am a Ukrainian game developer. 1. Color. The first thing you need to build your level is determined in a range of colours. I advise you to choose, initially, 3-5 gradation of similar colors, but not bright and not poisonous. If it's winter level, for example, choose white (snow), blue (sky), grey (stones, etc.), dark green (spruce). Always take into account the color of the main character, that he did not mix with level. 2. Placement. Initially, think about the level. Don't make it monotonous and very short. Monotonous and flat platforms will tire the player. You must determine the time when the player will become bored and not interested in playing on it. It is still in the book, Jesse Schell mentioned that the player needs is in the flow of pleasure and interest, without leaving it. On one side of flow is boredom level and monotonous, and on the other hatred because of the complexity, so the player must be in the middle of a stream. 3. Details. When you choose a color for the level, you need to place game objects, that they would not recur and it is interesting to consider. I'm talking about static objects, for example: rocks, grass, logs, machines, buildings, etc. Your city will not be unique if it will have the same buildings and a few lanterns. Details your level. Don't forget about the rear and front backgrounds. I personally use 3 background and blurred foreground. If you find it difficult to come up with a level, take art and get inspired by them. If you want to create a fantasy world and you don't know how to fill it due to lack of imagination, then take a couple of examples that you were inspired by and try to combine them. People can't come up with a new that's never seen. The invention is a merger of two or more ideas. I once randomly met in a pub with a guy, we discussed the design and he said, "a Hammer is not something new and unique. It is a mixture of stick and stone." 4. Details. Topping your level of detail and animation in addition to static objects. Nice to look at, as the player is on the field, and somewhere far away working mill, slowly floating clouds in the sky the birds fly. It's beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Music and sounds - about 60% of the aesthetics and enjoyment of the game. You can enjoy the sunrise in the game, but music... music is something that you'll remember and that will constantly remind you about it (a hallmark of the game). Remember the song in the game Robocop 3 from the main menu? Well, probably I will finish. Just wanted to share with you something from my experience. If you do that enough, then at the bottom you will see videos from my channel as I create my design in 2D level for my game in Unity 5. Good luck with future projects. Chao.



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