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About this blog

Hey. Here I will keep my journal of game development.

Entries in this blog


Entry 1

I've just finished my first 2D project on Unity and decided to try my hand at 3D. I'll start with the prototyping new mechanics and then I'll see what can be made of this. 

Today I've made a standard control for 3D first-person games: A-W-S-D to move and spacebar to jump. The camera is moved with the mouse and then you can move forward. The rotation of the camera along the X axis is limited so that you can't rotate it through a full 360° and watch behind your back. A perfect example is the first-person mode in Skyrim. 




Plexus – a game about flying submarines

We’ve got recently our first game published on Steam. That’s Plexus, a side-scrolling 2D shooter with dynamic fights and the freedom of choice. The players will travel on own ships around the world of Plexus, which includes 4 biomes: a factory, caves, the chaos and the aether. They will meet lots of enemies and deathful traps on their way. Nothing limits the players. So, they can fly wherever they want, because the global map has the network structure. It’s possible to avoid a difficult level or pass it later. Defeating enemies and collecting crystals the players can also get new modules of the ship, whose have influence on the gameplay. The game is full of shooting and explosions, fun and surprises. And the storyline has an open end in the form of comics. http://store.steampowered.com/app/672250/Plexus/



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