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About this blog

My progress on the Week of Awesome V Game Jam

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About the game

Aliens from the Sky is an arena based shooter, where you as an alien need to destroy the human castle, avoid the mage spells and upgrade your ship.

What went well

  • Game in a playable state.

  • Effects and details that adds up to the overall user experience.

  • Flexible design that allowed to cut some features without compromising gameplay.

  • Implemented at least 3 upgrades.

  • Both themes (Alien invasion, Castle) seems to work well.

What went wrong

  • Spend the first 2 days mostly designing, had several ideas but all were out of scope.

  • No main menu.

  • Wanted and still want to do pixel art instead of vector art.

  • Music and sound effects could be better.

  • End game scene needs a lot of polish.

  • Had to cut difficulty levels and just focus on one.


When designing I was thinking only on themes instead of mechanics, which led to projects out of scope. And I should work look for teams to work with.

Overall I’m happy with the results, hopefully I’ll participate next year.

Day 7 - Final day

Here we are, the final day!

Today I spend most of my time cruching, polishing some features and balancing the gameplay. Its feels good enough so better leave that way...

Also I managed to make some sound effects and background music (nothing fancy, but its something).

While I'm writing this, the game is being uploaded to https://neonlightgames.com/woa/ and I also posted it on http://gamejolt.com/games/Aliensfromthesky/276519 as backup

I enjoyed this game jam as I found difficult to implement 2 themes and its a week, where usually game jams are 2-3 days, everything felt like a nice change of format. Posting devblogs each day was something that I'm not used to but I think I should do it for my next games.

I want to say thank you to the WoA community for being active and to @slicer4ever for this opportunity :)

Only a day left, the game still needs more polish (and music is still missing) but I like how it looks and feels.

Made a lot of progress of art and bug fixing.


Currently I'm working on music, this can take a while so I might only be able to put sound effects.

Also some other details missing:

  • When player wins they are shown a celebration image, with the credits and some options. (this needs art)
  • When a mage dies it should show a +1 star symbol on top of it.
  • Balance the castle life and the spawn rate of the mages.
  • Put a cursor image when hovering a button.
  • A main menu.

These are minor details, but they will improve the game by x100

I spend most of the time polishing current mechanics and adding some details.

Decided to make the spacebar activate a shield that blocks shots for certain amount of time (to help the player come out from risky situations), and make the player shot automatically (there's no situation where not shoting would be beneficial and its easier to aim at mages). I'm happy with this combination :) 

I need to work on the music/sound aswell but the art needs more polish, programming wise things are almost done. I might take the entire day tomorrow to work on this (crunch time is here!)

Today I spend most of my time on the art side, and I entered the perfectionist trap. I was making the castle sprite and because I didn't quite like how it was coming about so I deleted it and started fresh (did that 4 times already). Thankfully I had some errands to do today so when I came back I realized what I was doing, the next 3~4 hours were highly productive and got a lot done today.


  • Player, Mage, Castle basic sprite
  • Backgrounds
  • Upgrades kinda works
  • Enemies gives dust (number counter on the top left corner) to spend on upgrades
  • Some design stuff

The gif quality is poor, stuff looks weird.

Right now the player can press space to shot or hold it to do more damage, but I'm thinking on changing that to:

  1. No charge just press and shot
  2. Automatically shot but if player holds charge next shot
  3. Automatically shot no charge behaviour

I'm inclined to do the second one but what do you guys think?


Made a little bit of progress today.


  • Enemies spawns on the sides and have 3 different shooting patterns (5 bolts, 3 quick ones, 5 on a semicircle)
  • Player can shoot down enemies.
  • Player can lose and after that an upgrades menu is shown

Also I'm starting to make some drafts for the castle and spaceship (player), they look quite simple but with some animations and camera shakes should be good enough. Later I'll keep working on the art side.

So I managed to get an idea worth doing. Think of alien invaders but instead of shooting aliens, you shoot castles as an alien!

I got most of the design covered (still has some stuff to work on) and a nice proof/prototype of the new idea.


The circle is the player who shots to the gray area(castle) and the green square is an enemy shooting at you.

Still a long way to go!

I have spend around 5 hours thinking on an idea to develop, I got 4 but after making time estimates, they became not possible. The ideas I had are:

2D Turn based rogue-like (Themes: Castles, Alien Invasion, Chain Reaction, Assassination)

Player is an alien and has to invade a castle, avoid or stun guards, reach to the king room and kill him. The map is a grid, player can move or use its gun to stun enemies, gun has charges (can find more charges exploring). Every action spends a turn and after every turn enemies move. Enemies can move, alert guard on the same room and attack player. Player has 3 lifes, every attack usually takes 1 life.


  • Uses all themes
  • Has potential for more content
  • Relative easy to make


  • My time estimate says it'll take 6.5 days (to make it more realistic I multiply it by 3)
  • Requires a lot of art (I can draw simple stuff)

Castle defender 1 (Themes: Castles, Alien Invasion)

Defend a castle from an incoming alien invasion. Aliens appears from right and left of the castle (2D game). Castle has archers to defend itself and kill aliens. Each alien gives money. Click on the castle to buy upgrades and need defense modules. Survive each wave to win the game.


  • Simple idea
  • Easy to make


  • Requires a variety of enemies to be enjoyable and not repetitive (I think at least 5)
  • Castle is complicated to make (it has to look good with and without modules)
  • Time estimate says 5 days (5*3 = 15)

Castle defender 2 (Themes: Castles, Alien Invasion, Assasination?)

Like castle defender 1, but player is a warrior and no upgrades exist. Each time player kills enemy gain experience. Experience gives bonus stats and attacks. Player ends invasion by destroying the spaceships on the edge of the map.


  • Simple idea
  • Easy to design and balance


  • Requires a lot of drawings + animations.
  • Time estimate says 5.2 days (5.2*3 = 15.6)

2D Puzzle based platformer (Themes: Castles, Alien Invasion)

The castle is being invaded by aliens, player has to eliminate them, reach their ship and destroy the spaceship. Player begin as a warrior who can attack, jump and move and have an special heavy attack. Some characters are look down by the aliens, player has to rescue them, after that they can be used aswell (mage and an archer). Can switch to any character at any time to solve puzzles. After completing the castle levels goes inside the ship for 3-4 more levels. Finally they sacrifize themselves to destroy the energy source of the ship and save the castle.


  • None :)


  • Requires a lot of resources to make.
  • Time estimate says 7days (7*3=21)

I will be using the rest of the day to try to come up with a feasable idea. I like these ideas but they feel like to much work for 1 week.

I multiply my time estimates by 3 because I have not ever made a game where I knew exactly how long it will take me and it always takes a lot longer that I expected.

Hopefully some of you could use any idea from here :) 


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