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About this blog

We are three guys from Poland, our name is ispired by Roy Batty's famous monologue and corresponds to our love for games  - we are ATM - All Those Moments.

Plase browse through our posts to know more about current and past projects, learn some usefull gamedev tips, and avoid mistakes made by us during our developments.


Our first project experimental one button game Bouncy Bob is already released on Steam (and it has all positive reviews):



Currently we are finishing point and click adventure Earthworms (will be out later this year):



cover 16 na 9 v4.png


Entries in this blog

Earthworms is an Art Point and click type of game. Our studio is developing it since may 2016. We are using Unity.

At the begining game was ment to be 100% art/surreal, inspired by great masters of this kind of art (David Lynch, Jan Švankmajer, René Magritte).

Strong inspiration from great painters in art

Later on we decided to add more dark tones, typical for pop culture horrors, (movies like Blair Witch Project, and tv shows like X Files, Stranger Things).

Temple of Skulls

Story is something like pop or even pulp culture/conspiracy but with twist/unexpected events.

I really love B class pop culture classics (They Live), and think it's sometimes more artistic than high budget stuff. Guess this fascination can be spotted in Earthworms logo:


If I have to explain this project in one sentence it will be something like - "Earthworms is game that will take You for adventure of mystery, beauty, scare and bizzare."Location 13

We hope this short article will make You interested in our project. We will try all our best so You will not be disappointed.

And finally here is our steam trailer and steam page:


It has already been 5 days from release and Bouncy Bob is making a bit of profit every day (despite of Halloween Sale). We were expecting much better start but it's not bad overall. If you like our game than consider buying it (it has already 10 reviews and all of them are 100% positive) :) Have you already bought the game ? Like it ? Please left some review on steam and give us a shout here about it ! This will help us tremendeusly as now in the begining each review is verry important for steam system ranking.

Bob needs you ! Support Bob in his fight ! 

STEAM PAGE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/680620/Halloweens_Bouncy_Bob/


Evolution of Our Logo

One of most important thing I'v learned along the years im an artist and game designer is to iterate/evolve my designs a lot. During developemnt of Bouncy Bob we used iterative approach constantly. There was about 10 iterations of diferent contol mechanics, about 5 initial variants of game art and so on. Almost every final element of this project is a result of evolution and strive for best outcome.

I'v decided that maybe the best example of this effective design philosophy will be development of our company logo. All Those Moments - our name is of course borowed from 1982 "Blade Runner" and 3 words are from Roy Battys final monologue. I think it is perfect not only in context of the movie but as well can express perfectly our love for playing and creating games. 

Here are 8 iterations of logo (there was even more of variants/sketches), and all design process for this took many hours during more than month of time:












So do you like it ? My favorite is first one and of course final one, but as you can see there was a long design road that we had to take to get there ;], (first one was ok, but not verry oryginal and polished, and my friend even said that it is more like for some photo company that is making albums, of framed pics of couples). He was right, but I guess in the end we have created something quite oryginal and "strong" visually.

Thanks for your time ! Please share your opinions on this design or just say hello ;)

This post is bit off topic, ;) if you are interested in Bouncy Bob - game that we are developing please read more of our posts or visit steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/680620/Bouncy_Bob/


In the begining we had an idea to make one button game.

That was our only goal, (why?) I guess becouse it is unusual, and was ment to make us stand out a little bit from a big crowd of indiedevs.


We were searching many games (just to check if this is possible to make something good with just one button).

There was not much interesting ones (as you may guess), one button game.... that sounds ridiculous and oversymplified.

Maybe one game that was interesting, it is this one:

"One Button Bob"


but my friend said it is to simple, and just flash trash, but anyway I liked it, and thought - hey "one button" concept is verry interesting, we have to dig deeper ;]

So we did.


Finally we found 2 games that looked promising those was:

"Boxing Physics"


"Bouncy Basketball"


Both of them have preety much the same "left/right" woobly mechanic as Bob.


So we have made prototype, during testing we decided to add jumping to this, and later on we had adopted "Flying Bug" - see more in "Blessed by Bug" entry in this blog.


We are releasing Bouncy Bob 13 th of october 17 and we are pretty optymistic, becouse all testers love it,

Dont forget to wishlist it (it will be quite low 4.99$ and during premiere even 10% less):







Blessed by bug !


Fun fact story from Bob's development:

During early stages of dev our character could only jump, so main gameplay mechanic looked like this:


Later on some strange bug occured. Wnem you were pressing "aim" button player was jumping (in mid air), and it was not ment to behave like that.














We have made some play test sessions with that,

and during them this bug was providing a ton of fun...

So we have polished it and made into game as FLYING!

It was not much work and results are superb.


So dont always fix all of your bugs guys !

Sometimes bugs can be a blessing ;)


Here you can se a gameplay trailer and more info about Bouncy Bob:


Thanks ;)







2 weeks ago we have made this gameplay capture video (it is used as 1 st official trailer for Bob's steam page):

here is steam page:


Since than we have implemented some UI (its almost done), made tweaks into AI of enemies, and polished levels a bit. Now we are implementing 5 levels of speed/dificulty (it was suggested by some vievers that speed of hero is low - so we fixed it in some smart way that will allow you to choose form 5 diferent tempos of gameplay. First one will be almost slow motion, than normal , and last one will be verry fast and demanding). We hope this will provide more fun for players. Update and videos on this subject will be added soon.


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