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About this blog

Hello everyone, first blog/post on this website. I was looking for a place to share my experiences as I go through my next project. Ill be building a RPG game diablo style in unity. Id say im an intermediate level developer but still have a lot to learn. The game should implement all the basic features, like click to move, npcs, pickups, items inventory, enemy, etc. Ill go into more detail as I delve into each component. I have been learning on how to make some of these things possible meanwhile the others Ill be learning as I go. 

The main purpose of this blog is not necessarily to show people etc but rather to document and stay true to myself and hopefully keep moving forward with the project. This is just a fun side project of my own. Im also working on the story/lore simultaneously but my premier focus right now is to get the core game mechanics down and then Ill start implementing in the story line. Ill be using the asset stores free assets and whatever other assets I can get my hands on shamelessly for the time being. Ill also be using whatever learning resources such as youtube/udemy/internet I can find which help me progress forward with the project. I do have most of the game mechanics relatively figured out individually (except for item inventory). But I also want this project to be based on good programming practice and work on making a scale-able infrastructure which I can use later on instead of shoving individual pieces together. This is all for now but hopefully Ill have some more as I progress! Thanks!

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#1 - Path Finding

Alright! So, I pretty much abandoned this project for a long time but I finally had some time to have fun with it again so here goes. For a while I had a lot of information overload I went through so many tutorials and the multiple ways of doing the same thing really confused my OCD mind. Anyways, today I decided to just put my foot down and decided to start some work.  I have been through most of the tutorials on youtube as well as Udemy.  I threw in some random free assets from the asset store to get things going. I started off with player movement and path finding. Using Unity's NavMeshAgent this was easy work.  Up next will be NPC/Interactions.  Will try and post an exe or something soon as I move along!



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