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Project XSYS is an untitled RPG Indie game that features world map HEX crawling, tactical turn based combat, and a multi-character party adventuring.

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Rats and Holy Hand Grenades

Over the past few weeks I worked on a new  Animation Controller and refractored the Unit Action system.    It was a ton of work, but the code was getting out of hand and in order to move forward I realized I needed to reorganize the class hierarchy.   Every time I do this it seems like I'm having to take a step back to take two steps forward.    I'm starting to think that this is just the nature of game development.   There are times when you feel like nothing is getting done because you have nothing to show except nice code.  In addition to adding rats (which no RPG should be without),  I managed to implement object/grenade throwing,   It ended up being a lot more challenging than I had anticipated.  In this case, the requirement to extrapolate backwards from a target location and create a projectile arc demanded an entire class full of projectile math.   Of course, it wasn't the math that was the challenge, it was linking animation events, inventory, actions, collisions, UI, etc..  Hence the need for the refractoring mentioned above.  (not sure why the rats are floating,  they are 50 KG each)   I've also decided that the turn based game will make use of physics and ragdolls.   I'll just have to find a way to seamlessly re position/centre units to the nearest square once rigid-body movement is complete.   As for other features completed, you can now swap out equipment during combat.   Available unit actions are updated on the fly.    I might make changing weapons during combat cost action points.  Opening your backpack will cost  even more action points, this will encourage the player to be prepared.   Of course, armor won't be equip-able during combat and quick items (things located on your belt or across your back) will be less costly.    (note the character sheet is a mess, and I'm still pondering its layout and functionality.  Unit stats are still under development )  




Flying High Again

Looks like I've been neglecting this blog a bit too much lately so here is an update. I've been working on the Combat system a little more.    Flying After cleaning up the unit action system, I've finally had time to work on the flying feature.    I really need to find the right type of camera for this game or it might be a bit too confusing for the player.  In addition, it's clear to me that I need to add height/position indicators so that the player knows what tile the movement selector, targeted unit, and selected unit are over.   Perhaps a translucent pillar of some sort will suffice.  Guarding  The game will now allow you to spend action points to guard with one or more weapons attacks.   The number of readied attacks is only limited by your action point total.  When an enemy enters your weapon reach, you attack first (gold box game style)  It's setup right now so that all your guarding attacks fire off at the triggering enemy.    I might change that by giving the player an option or only allow one attack per enemy.  Adding over-watch ability (guarding with ranged weapons) is next on my hit list.  Hopefully both systems will play nicely together.   Coding this was really complicated too, especially when several units are guarding the same square.   Without the internal Event Messaging System I created the task would be near impossible.   (Don't mind the Animations or the UI as I haven't focused on it.   The artifacts in this Gif are from GifCam, which I'm not using anymore)




Project XSYS - WIP

Project XSYS is an untitled indie game that features world map HEX crawling, turn based combat, and multi-character party RPG adventuring.  Features thus far: Hex Crawling World map hex crawling is a unique feature. It's up to the player to ensure his/her party is well prepared and provisioned for each journey. Like many 4X games,time controls allow the player to speed up, slow down, and pause the passage of time. As time passes, various events will occur such as combat encounters, interaction scenarios, inter-party personality conflicts, discoveries, etc.      The screenshot below is the most current view of the hex map. It is auto-generated by stitching smaller hand crafted Terrains together.   But, yes, it's  pure programmer art.   Tactical Turn Based Combat
The combat system was built to satisfy the itch of tactical turn based enthusiasts.  In addition, I've worked hard to ensure that the combat grid is truly 3D. This means that characters can climb, fly, crawl, and jump over and under obstacles.  The action point based combat system is designed around the concept that your character can try to do anything.  For example, if you want to fight with two weapons, trip, guard, parry, or disarm you don't need a special skill to try it. There are no talent trees just proficiency levels.    Character Party 
The character creation system is extensive and is a multi-step process. Steps include selecting Class, Race, Ability Scores, Interaction Skills, Combat Skills, Exploration Skills, Spells, Appearance, Personality, Backgrounds, etc.  At the moment, the system allows you to create up to six characters.  At the moment, the graphics are nothing more than prototypes / placeholders. I don't plan on hiring or partnering with an artist until next year. One of the first things I will have commissioned is a base character model and various pieces of equipment for each race.   For the moment, Adam and a pair of Mixamo thugs will do just nicely.    Development Thus far, I've spent many long nights coding and refractoring the games numerous subsystems (true 3d grid pathfinding, sqlite database, event message system, animations, personality system, combat mechanics, inventory, character sheets, items, vendors, character creation, terrain based hex map, encounter system, survival mechanics, campaign events, etc).  The game has truly become a labor of love and I'm quite happy with the code thus far, but of course it's not perfect... yet. My current focus is developing the content pipeline and assessing what Unity assets (if any) I will be integrating.  In fact, I can't wait to start adding more creative elements to my game. The game is now moving from being a game framework to an actual game, but there are still many detailed decisions that have not been made.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching my game take shape.  I really need all the feedback I can get as I have much to learn.     



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