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Week of Awesome V: Post Mortem

Almost a week after the end of the contest. Here are my thoughts about the contest. Overall, I think it was a very nice week. This is first time when I worked with someone (same for SilviuShader), so it has been an unforgettable experience. Also, I made new friends, because I didn't know anybody in team before the contest...  Things that went well Even thought this was the first time when me and SilviuShader worked together we got along very easy. The whole programming part went quite well. We didn't have major problems. I liked working with placeholder content (I love those cups :)) ) I am very proud of that Day-Night cycle and the tutorial. Also, I really like the models and the SFX. Things that didn't went so well We had some problems with large models (for some reason DirectX TK wouldn't render them) Day 5 didn't get a comment   To sum up, this was a very nice experience.  



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