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About this blog

Hi. I am a South Korean Game-Developer.

This is my first game.


"Finding Friends" is a casual game and the story is about that 
cute sea friends broken up due to whirlwind have found each other one by one with the help of a guide

Swiping after touching to move a character makes you  the feeling of operation of the game, and increase the fun.
Because of the gravity, the falling speed is increased and the swiping control becomes more difficult .
So you need to have the proper swiping timing finding is the key to gameplay

Various traps and hinders which are configured to prevent you from reaching the specified number of moves appear in the process of reaching the guide(Goal).

In order to increase the movement distance of characters, character upgrade is necessary.
You must consume points that you have accumulated while achieving the stage to upgrade your character

 you can meet Four cute characters named Dara, Tiki, Buru, and Paha one by one while achieving the stage.

Android Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grukun.findingfriends

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