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About this blog

Doing a game design based on the WoA 2017. This is just for fun.

Basically, the idea is to design a game that someone can make in a week.


EDIT: After some thought, I'll just put all Game Design musings and documents here.

Entries in this blog

I've finally finished my GDD. It's not perfect and it's my first time even doing one. I'm sure there are some major holes. But I got what I wanted from it. A taste of doing a GDD for a game that would qualify for the WoA 2017 contest and could be made in a week.



This was fun. I'll probably do some more "small" game like this just to get the hang of doing this.

I invite everyone to read it, critique it, and if it's real bad thrash it.



Day 6

I went on a bit of a vacation. But I'm currently working out the details and the mechanics of how everything will work.

Even on paper, I've had to go back, rewrite something, scribble it out, or put some notes of an afterthought on it.

This is for a 2D "simple" game. I can't imagine what a Final Fantasy 1, 2, or 3 was like.

Day 3

I bouncing around some ideas about the level.

Should I have a transitioning background? Fade from day to night to day, etc? Or just do a background swap?

The enemies will be NES style. Their levels will be by color. From weakest to strongest: grey, yellow, red, brown, black.

Day 2

So here are some quick notes on what some of the rules are for this game.

First, the game will use Aliens, Zombies, and Castles.

The Player will be the aliens. It will control a spaceship.

The spaceship comes equipped with a laser that can kill enemies.

The Aliens (player) and Zombies (enemy) will protect their Castles.

The Zombies will be created by its Castle.

If Zombies enter the Alien Castle it will slowly damage the Castle.

The spaceship will have the ability to beam up multiple Zombies at a time.

The spaceship will be able to convert Zombies into Alien Zombies.

The spaceship will be able to convert Zombies into Missiles.

The spaceship will have to keep a Zombie for 2 seconds to convert to an Alien Zombie.

The spaceship will have to keep a Zombie for 5 second to convert to a Missile.

The spaceship can beam up Zombies in the Alien Castle.

The spaceship can beam down Alien Zombies in the Alien Castle.

The spaceship cannot beam up and shoot at the same time. It can only do one or the other.

The spaceship beam will take an unspecified amount of time to initiate.

Alien Zombies in the Alien Castle can do 1 of 3 things: they can attack Zombies in the Alien Castle, repair the Alien Castle, or create weapons and powerups for the spaceship.

Based on the state of the Alien Castle, Alien Zombies can ONLY do 1 of the 3 things listed above.

Alien Zombies can attack Zombies and vice-versa.

Alien Zombies can attack the enemy Castle.

The spaceship can beam up Zombies from the enemy Castle.

The enemy Castle can produce more Zombies than the spaceship can beam up.

The less Zombies in the enemy Castle the slower weapon production and repair are.

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