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About this blog

Development blog for Pistache Games



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Visual category

Visual category contains 2 visual (or mostly visual related) games

Mahjong is a classical and well known mahjong game in which you can select 3 themes (fruits, traffic signals and chinese symbols).

As the BeeHive game, Mahjong generates the board in a procedural way (also multilayered) so, there won't be two same equal configurations.

Sugarfest is a bejeweled / candy crush kinda game. There is a cooker that always needs some candys for whatever he wants. Very funny.


Quiz category

Quiz category contains 2 question games:

Fun Trivia is a trivial kinda game that allows four players and has 6 question themes (with fancy board animation).

Wheel of points is a wheel of fortune kinda game.


Ability category has 2 games:

Beehive that is a minesweeper kinda game but adapted to mobile devices. I will try to explain the development of this game in the future because it uses procedural generation for the board shape.

Ludo Stars is a Ludo game that allows four simultaneous players.


Cards category

The first category is compound of 4 card games: Poker, Solitaire, Master solitaire and Scopa (broom or Escoba)

Games are very easy to play and runs very well on low-profile devices (Native C++ for Android)


Pistache Games

Now that the game is going to see the light, I think that is a good idea to post some advances and features of the game.

Pistache Games is a multi-game system like the "A" machines that you could find in a pub.

Currently It has 4 categories: Cards, Ability, Quiz and Visual games.

It is programmed in C++ with openGL and GLES for mobile devices. The programming environment is Linux Mint 17.3, CodeLite as C/C++ editor and Gimp, Inkscape and Blender for graphics.

I feel proud about using all open-source software because I was used to use Windows in the past. Currently It is a full multi-platform development.

The first release should be in Android, then Linux and Windows version. IOS and Mac version should follow them.


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