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About this blog

Picswars.io is a multiplayer strategy game which you play in your PC browser.

In this game, you select an image and capture territories for it so that everyone can see your picture. Imagine a fight for dominance between a selfie pic and a country flag or a battle between McDonald's and BurgerKing logos? Another cool thing is that you can make only 10 captures every day, so every action counts and everybody has the same chances: the busy people and the gamers.

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Entries in this blog

Finally, picswars.io is back from being hacked! Took that long because I had to ensure that security and backups are properly configured now and, well, life got into the mix.

One morning I woke up and found that my game got hacked: the whole db is deleted and replaced by a hacker's message. 


Of course, negotiating with the terrorists is not an option =] So I decided to restore the db and improve the security. Luckily, I had backups, but I didn't run them frequently enough, so some data is lost (it runs more frequent now). I had to spend about 3-4 fulltime work days rebuilding the server setup in order to ensure the server security. Basically, I decided to rewrite the production setup completely. I had to do that so that I could configure everything without exploding my brains. It works now, phew!

A lesson learned: I should've used the technologies I understood right from the beginning. You shouldn't experiment with the technologies when you're building a production-level project.

PicsWars.io devlog #5: 08.09.17 - 15.09.17: Final features and a tutorial!

Hello again!

This week was big. The game finally has everything that’s needed for the game to be complete. Well, at least, that’s from the current perspective ;]

At the beginning of the week, I’ve improved game performance on both frontend and backend about 3x times. Now the game loads and responses much faster, hopefully, you’ve noticed that already. The initial cause for the server's slowness was that I focused too much on premature optimisation which resulted in a worse performance. Oh, the irony! About the frontend: I just had to switch certain Phaser settings and it went all right.

Next, I’ve rewritten squares hovering. Previously, the information about the hovered square was displayed in the corner of the screen, which wasn’t very intuitive. Now, the information about the square is displayed right under when you hover it.

What’s more, now the players are able to add a link to any page to their territory! This way you’re motivated to capture more squares: people will click your link more often if they see it more. This is great if you’re an entrepreneur or a community member: you can use PicsWars to promote your thing!

Next, when the player runs out of turns a social sharing window is displayed for them. Neat! Please share the game with your friends, it’s more fun that way!

But, most importantly, we now have an interactive tutorial! The previous tutorial wasn’t used by the players because it presented all information at once in one huge wall of text. Now it gives information in small portions and waits for a player to complete certain actions before proceeding further.

Hopefully, this will help with the game’s main problem right now: understandability.


Next week, my goals are:

  • Launch beta!
  • Gather feedback.
  • Fix whatever breaks.

We’re getting close to a release, hooray!

Thank you for reading so far! I will keep writing devlog every Friday, so stay tuned! I will be very grateful for any feedback too! Check out PicsWars.io in your pc!

P.S. I am open about my development, so here are some links:


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Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 14.41.31.png

PicsWars.io devlog #4: 01.09.17 - 08.09.17: Be a part of the community! 

Hello, gamedev.net! Previously, I've had a devlog on TIGSource, but it didn't seem to be active, so I decided to migrate here. I hope you'll enjoy my content!

This week I’ve finally added a purpose to the game. Now the game is not only about capturing territories for yourself, but it’s also about being a part of the community. Now multiple players can promote the same picture together. That way even if your community’s main player has run out of turns today, you can copy their image and continue capturing the territories.

I hope that this feature will motivate people to unite to dominate the field together.

Other than that, I’ve made several changes to the core code. I have removed some bugs associated with the authentication system. What’s more, the game now opens more smoothly.

I wasn’t able to work on speeding up the game yet, but I will focus on that next week. I’ve made a lot of not wise decisions back when I started the development and now I will have to pay for that :[

Next week, my goals are:

  • Speed the game up by moving the db to the same machine as the backend.
  • Speed the frontend up as well

Thank you for reading so far! I will keep writing devlog every Friday, so stay tuned! I will be very grateful for any feedback too! Check out PicsWars.io at http://picswars.io/?ref=gamedevnet !


P.S. I am open about my development, so here are some links:

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Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.04.25.png

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