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About this blog

Hi Guys! I travel around the world and what I am doing is that I started a few months ago recording location sounds! I would say I am a field recorder! I got a message from Adam and I feel bad that I couldn't write the blog post for gamedev.net but now I am here with this account and happy to answer all your questions if you have! Maybe you Guys are also interested in recording your own sounds but don't know where or how to start?

All that you need is a recorder, good ears and you have to go out and record sounds! I have already more than 100 Sounds on my YT Channel and about 80 very unique sounds on my Website freetousesounds.com!

I just uploaded a brand new sound! We drove 1650 miles across the US and I recorded many of the Interstates! Everybody who needs this kind of sounds is more than welcome to use it! It is all free and made with a lot of passion for sounds! You Guys are doing great things and if this is a way to support you so then I will be out there to record sounds!

Here is the link to my newest blog post! Please let me know if you have any questions or sound requests! I am happy to help and contribute!

Best, Marcel




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