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The future of designing is full of sweets and flowers with a 27% expected hike in the web designing jobs by next 7 years. If you like to play with colors and a bit of code then chances are, you won’t get bored with a web designing job.

The average salary top PHP web designing companies in USA offer to their designers ranges between $25-35 per hour. Means, you will still be earning way more than many others in your circle. If you think you have enough interest to jump in the bay of designing but haven’t had any training, you might be thinking about joining classes.

We know that just completing certain classes doesn't make you an expert in a field. It’s the tricks and command over code you learn through experience. But all these take time. Hence, it’s never a bad idea to learn from the experts right from the beginning and take their advice. Here are some of those web designing tips that you won’t learn in classes:


1. Use Coding Tools Instead of Editors

Most of the designers start their designing journeys by messing with HTML codes in text editors. Text editors such as Notepad are a great way, to begin with, but if you are planning to stick with those basic editors for long, you are compromising with your speed, quality, and productivity.

The better alternative is a fully equipped code editor such as Cloud 9. It lets you take care all of your coding work online while automatically providing you with intuitive suggestions for the code snippet you type.


2. Colors are just not for Adorations

We know by experience that the first element in any website that impresses us is its design and combination of different colors. And that’s what PHP web designing services teach their interns in earlier days.

As a trainee, you will learn about the best color combinations, contrast, and other color elements that will gargantuanly impact the look of your website.

However, the thing that matters more than how beautiful your website looks, is how beautifully it connect with your audience and customers. And how well it could emotionally attach with them.

There’s more to web designing tips and tricks than just the mentioned ones. However, to keep it sweet and small we thought that coming up with a series with being a far better idea. And why not, short pieces of content is more digestible than the long, boring ones.

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