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About this blog

Every new and experienced mobile developers, are prone to face tons of programming related challenges, during the ongoing process of a mobile application development. It is utmost important for the developers to keep themselves abreast with the trending technologies, in order to launch an app that can resist the competitive blows, arising in this digital market.


There are many things of which we fail to acquire knowledge about, during our academic time period. This things fall into the category of real time work scenario. Here we elaborate few important aspects that every individual in the team of mobile developers should make themselves acquainted with.


(1) Thorough knowledge of programming language


Technically speaking, a mobile application is set of code lines written in a specific programming language. A well structured code lines, is the secret behind seamless execution of the application on various mobile platform. Hence, developers should keep themselves updated with the new version of the language, being launched in the market. No matter, which programming language the developer is using, he/she should be able to get the most out of it.


By thoroughly comprehending the underlying features of the programming language, helps the developers to increase their work productivity.

(2) Development methodology


The success of any mobile application absolutely depends upon the chosen development methodology. This factor has to be strictly considered especially when developers are endeavouring for the development of cross-platform mobile application. There are various types of development methodology like agile development, scrum development, feature driven development, RAD ( Rapid Application Development) etc.


(3) Thorough knowledge of custom libraries


To speed up the development process, many developers make good use of third party libraries. In actual sense, this approach can adversely impact the quality of the application. Inclusion of third party library code, increases the overall size of the application which in turn is extremely difficult to maintain. Hence, the most viable option is to incorporate custom library, for the app to cater unique business requirement. Also this will keep the size of the app minimum and easy to maintain.


(4) Know your target audience


Before initiating the development process, the domain of target users should be well-defined, in advance. Research on user behaviour to understand their basic requirements and thereafter plan various methodologies to get those requirements fulfilled. The number of satisfied users of the application determines the success of the application. Most importantly during the development ensure, that your app is able to resolve the grievances of your targeted users.


(5) Exhaustive app testing


Hurry development process for immediate launch will lead your app into a dumpster. Users immediately dump the app which fails to execute seamlessly on their devices. Negligence in testing is the prime reason behind it. Hence, before launching the app in the market ensure that all the incorporated features are functioning well. For that, you can go for manual testing or automate testing.



(6) Keep a close eye on trends related to app designing

The app designing trend is continuously changing, in this world of application development. Recent research study reveals, that around 80% of the users download the app, whose design architecture seems enticing to them. Designing trends includes material design, UI/UX and functional animation.


(7) App promotion

You would have put your hard endeavour in developing a feature-rich application. But is useless, if you fail to promote it in the market. Here the app store optimization comes into play. App store optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your application in the market. Many mobile app development company have started to implement strategic digital marketing principles to catch the attention of the users.


By the way, it's not always possible, that each developer in the team to hold extensive knowledge. Here, we list out different technologies for every development team to keep themselves familiar with :


Livescript - Livescript is also known as javascript, is widely used client side scripting language which uses fewer lines of code.


Hololens - Hololens is a holographic computer which is built into the headset like Google glass etc


Fove - A virtual reality headset that uses eye tracking feature.


GWT - GWT ( Google Web Toolkit) is an open-source set of tools, use to compile Java programs into javascript and web framework.


AltBeacon - Altbeacon is the open proximity beacon and is one of the android version of iBeacon.


Summing up

The above points when seriously considered by mobile developers during the development will lead to the delivery of quality mobile app in the market

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