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About this blog

A frequent user of CC0 images for a number of different and unrelated purposes, I came across a blog post from around one month ago, announcing they'd run a developer challenge for implementing their API.

While I'm working on several more serious projects, I thought it would be a nice break to spend a few hours (became 5 total), on this side-project. 

The premise is simple. Once a player enters, a set of 20 images are queried from Pixabay, and then the user has to deduce from the scenery and objects on the images which country is depicted. I call it the country quiz, and requires cookies and JS to work. Built with PHP this is by no means a technical feat, but should work fine on all major browsers and devices, and for 5 hours of work, including domain purchase and setup, I think it's fine for now.

So far the average time on site for the 100 unique players/visitors has been 7 minutes according to Google Analytics, which is decent compared to the simplicity of the game. Time will tell if more work will go into this.



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