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Have you ever wanted to be a bouncy ball? Of course you have. There is always room for a simple little arcade game that you can play while doing otherwise boring or mundane tasks (catching the bus, waiting for someone who's late and attempting to not be a loner, etc.) in life. That's why I created It's Bouncy.

It's Bouncy is a free iOS game where you try and bounce for as long as possible. There are many different characters (like a banana, eye ball and sushi roll) to play as and you need to avoid different obstacles and enemies. It's pretty fun to watch others fail as it can often be pretty darn difficult (like many of the good old arcade games).

I thought I should share my game, which I have developed in Unity through learning how to code/make a game with many tutorials, for you all to see. I hope we could have a discussion about possible additions to the game's mechanics or the additions of characters and environments, or just the development process in general.

The game is releasing tomorrow (as of the date of this post) on iOS and soon on Android, so I'd love to get some feedback.

Here is a link to some gameplay footage: 


and here are some screenshots:





plus a link to my website if you're interested:

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It's Bouncy is out now on iOS!

It's Bouncy is out now on the iOS App Store! Download for free, here:



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