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About this blog

Hello everyone, this is a small experiment of mine. I always wanted to make the "first" game for myself.
having enough free time and being given the opportunity by the general question "why not?"
me and my brain decided to go and make the best out of this.


  • The project is planned to be supported on android as well as on windows.
  • Unreal E. will be the Game Engine.
  • The general vibe will be of a medieval fantasy world.
  • Construction will be laid out so that the game will be expandable and open for new Ideas.
  • Metaphorically speaking this is not an office complex I'm building here, this is a fancy Villa
    where I will decide later how many stories it will be tall and the general looks as I go on.


so many decisions, so many opportunities...

Entries in this blog


Day one: Planning how to Plan things

Time management I thought of a simple Plan: after 1:30am I have all the time in the world for tons of stupid shit to do until 11pm... so five days in a week I start working at 5:00pm until bedtime.
That is 6 hours every day, making it 30 in five. Adding 20 hours on weekend (Ten every day) makes it 50 hours a week.
That is roughly 200 hours a month I got for this project.
So I made a nice overview of my busy ass week and the monster I decided to work on. I have not decided yet if and how I will make money with this. I simply have the Privilege and Interest to make a game and this seems like the best way. The problem This idea is not done yet, no results. all I did for now is clarify that I have a will to do this.
I need a story, maybe game mechanics laid out. The solution Creating Forum entries and Writing
about them would be a nice way of keeping a publicly available log of completed work.
I would be glad to get any support possible from you.
  The Plan: Checklist log of things I need to learn, has to be easily accessible. Paper seems like good idea. Ideas of how the game should work in organized manner Sources for media have to be found. Hoping for people to hop on the "lets fucking make something because we can" train. Interrested? If yes, lets talk right now right here online. you can also join me on Discord, the link is in my profile description.
Don't think, act. Its not about what if it fails its about what if it works here.  

Robert Stoppel

Robert Stoppel

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