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About this blog

Hello, people!

We’re a small Danish game company consisting of just three programmers, who is working on our game “Gift of Parthax”. With almost no resources for our development process we’re proud to show you all what we’ve accomplished so far.

The concept of the game came to life in Monogame, but have been through a lot of changes since it got ported to Unity Engine. We’ve currently been working on the game for over a year now – but we’re getting closer and closer to the finish line for each day that passes.

Let us know your opinion about our game in the comment section :-) thanks in advance.

What is the game about?

The game is a RPG - Arena fighter. As a player you’re able to customize spells and use them on mobs and bosses in an arena. The main goal of the protagonist ”Arif” which the player controls, is to defeat the antagonist Parthax and his henchmen in order to save his friend.




RPG, Arena fighter

Game type:



In development

Features to experience as a player

Non – combat

-          Customization of abilities with runes

-          Level system

-          Tutorial

-          Storyline

-          Purchase items in shop

-          Pixel art

In combat

Arena battles:

-          Mobs

-          Bosses

Spell casting:

-          Summoning

-          On click spells

-          Strike spells

-          Normal projectiles 

-          Effects caused by runes

For more information about the game and its progress, follow us on facebook @ or check out our Youtube channel’s progress videos.

Progress video #1 


Progress video #2



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