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About this blog

A Project in the style of HarvestMoon/Animalcrossing. 

Entries in this blog

Our first Improvement was an Item tag system.  Each color represents a Grade. (F = Red, D = Yellow, C = Green,  B = Cyan, A = Blue, S = Pink) These are place holder colors but they don't look to bad.


Second We have a new Item interface. which is accesses with a double click.  It dynamically populates the options based on the Item, E.G for a tool or seed the item would equip it to your hand. If the item was consumable, the buttons label would read "Eat" and it would be consumed instead of equipped. 


and Finally the Item information Panel.



Like it, hate it? Let me know in the comments below. 



After recovering from our little crash, we made some progress. 

1: Self Populating animations. (no, It doesn't actually look that choppy)


2: new Interaction UI.


3: Scrollable hot bar.


4: New tree spites.


A nice bit of progress I think. stay tooned for more White Harvest.






Always, Always, ALWAYS save your progress when working on a game.Just accidentally made an infinite loop, crashed my potato PC and deleted a weeks worth of work. Let's just say there might not be any updates anytime soon...


Save your work!


if You've been following the progress of this project, you'd know it's in its beginning stages, the question is now weather it go's any further. Unfortunately I cannot make that determination  on my own, The success or failure of any game is decided by the players. So, to be or not to be, that is the question and you have the answer. Let me know in the comments weather or not this game should be completed. 



Thank you all in advance for your answers!




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