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Ramblings of a Tools Programmer

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So, after Saruman got his Dell 30". I became very tempted to purchase my own.

So in honor of his picture I present this..

I can say this is quite the setup, it doesn't match the 20/30/20 setup he has, but I am loving it!

So it begins..

So I've finally got a start on a GUI system.

First on tap..texture mapped fonts!

I spent the past few days getting a small framework up, texture manager, loading via OpenIL. Some math classes.

Tonight I finally got the fonts working after about two days of headaches trying to get it working, note thats about an hour or two a night if that..

The problem..OpenIL said the image was in BRGA not RGBA. So I swap the image, yay for a OpenIL helper function, and everything worked!

Quickly added colors, ala Quake

Heres a quick image, nothing much but hey its a start since I've been out of the GFX loop for a while :)

The Worst of Luck

So the past week I have had the worst of luck with computers. With alittle bit of good luck.

First the bad:

So I went to start my laptop one day after not using it for a few months. I go to boot and it won't boot says boot.ini is corrupt. THen it tries to boot from WINDOWS which fails. chkdsk didn't do anything, trying to format via the install doesn't do anything just hangs there. So the drive is dead :( I lost alot of work I didn't back up to my svn server :/

Last week at work I lost the hdd on my machine. I noticed things weren't acting right so I rebooted and windows wouldn't boot. It just sat there spinning at the splash screen. Luckly I got it just in time and was able to save my data. wooo!

Last bad thing. So over the weekend I got to boot my svn server, which is a Gentoo Linux box. I need to get some files off my svn server. So first I update the box, it had been a while, everything goes fine so I shut it down for the night. The next day I boot it up and it can't boot saying one of the partitions is corupt. I cry, but I am able to get my data off of it. I'm currently installing SVN on another drive to restore the dumps I made of the depots before all this happened.

So that's been my bad luck with HardDrives over the past few weeks, but the good news is I just got a new kick ass system..

Pentium D 3.0ghz 2x2mb L2Cache
GF 7800GT PCIe
2x300GB SATA2 Maxtor.

So time to game and do programming at home :D
*blows off the dust*

Hm, might as well use this thing since I have it.

I've been meaning to get back into programming at home, out side of work. Now that I have a new kick ass PC I plan to do it.

First on my list:
I want to make a GUI sytem. Fully features and skinable. I want to experiment with being able to use this sytem create in game tools. To avoid some of the headaches I deal with at work. Working with integrated tools that are build with MFC, while the core app is Win32.

Thats first on my list.. more to come later :)
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