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Starting an outsourcing relationship is troublesome but how to make it more seamless? Tilting toward hiring an offshore software development company is obvious for cost reduction, high-quality software products, innovations but there are a great many of common risks setting your projects astray. The following questions are - “What are the challenges?” Let’s make everything as clear as a bell.

Challenge #1: Lack of communication

Developing a new software product is a tedious and social process involving lots of communication to share your ideas with the development team and discuss the app concepts. It’s quite arduous when your team is miles away since an efficient communication is a key to a successful app.

Solution #1: Use the Internet

Thanks to the Internet and its unlimited possibilities, long distances, and time differences aren’t a problem for modern entrepreneurs. You can use video conferencing, voice calls, emails to keep in touch with your app development team.

Video Conferencing Services To Use

Challenge #2: Loss of Control

One of the biggest fears is the loss of visibility and control while outsourcing an offshore app development company. Communication problems and slow response may result in increasing the costs and time required to build an app.

Solution #2: Track Working Time

The key to eliminating the challenge is to manage the process carefully. Set weekly goals for the development team to ease the workflow and achieve better results.

Time-Tracking Tools You Should Use

Challenge #3: Language Problems

One of the problems you may face while working with an offshore app development team is misunderstanding caused by lack of foreign language knowledge. Taking into account, the fact communication is truly vital to achieving success as an app entrepreneur.

You may face difficulties with the communication as it may be restricted by the ability to speak a foreign language. For example, you’re living in the U.S. with English as your native language, but you decide to hire a French software development team. Though English is a modern lingua franca, only a limited number of people can speak well English.

Solution #3: Study the Market

To avoid that language misunderstanding, you should carefully select the country and the outsourcing vendor that have completed projects for foreign companies (and released them).gQozKtslKpemxey7uu-wWz_ZQfja0qvG3cvyamByd9DZ364JV0mdloT7lQp4BNDAlSTVVa7pcaRPed-urMPwTLenpECaTpVMFgYuGUHG3KVLqHfdqDfGSGFN5RJuxaX-gqaJXLQl

Challenge #4: Low Quality

Once you have your product on the track, you expect to get a fully-functioning application meeting all your needs and quality standards.The chances of low-quality code is increased when hiring an offshore software development company. If you get a bad code and poor app architecture, you get frustrated and pay more to get it re-written. Thus you pay twice as much to detect and fix the bugs. Along with the increased costs, it takes more time.

Solution #4: Check the Company Before Hiring

First and foremost, don’t get fooled by low hourly rates and never hire a company that you don’t know. Read the reviews, ask for a customer list. If the company refuses to provide a list of launched apps or clients contact data, I’d never outsource such a company. Check company’s profile on Clutch to make sure they can deliver a top-class software product.

Challenge #5: Testing More Difficult

Of course, testing an outsource project is more arduous when comparing on-site testing. If you test a product and find out it isn’t the app you wanted to get, this needs to be discussed with your offshore vendor. And the following may become a real problem as the vendor might not be able to understand and then fix the problem.

Generally, it can be easily fixed when detected at the initial development stage and when the problem is improperly described and understood, this will result in a low-quality software product.

Solution #5: Create “The Entering Testing Page”

By creating such a page, your testing phase will be seamless and smooth. This will help to lay out the existing problem and bugs more clearly. You can also use online tools for app beta-testing.

Beta Test Your App With:


Key Takeaways

Outsourcing a development company can save you a pretty penny that you can invest in the growth of your core business. Offshore development companies usually dedicate a particular team for each app type - iOS developers, Android coders, etc. thus the quality of your future app will be high.

When outsourcing an app development company, mind the above-mentioned challenges and pitfalls to avoid. Clearly, it’s a good financial and business option since maintaining an in-house app development team costs the Earth. If you know what to expect beforehand, outsourcing an app development company won’t cause any problems.

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