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If you are an avid gamer or person who looks for new apps to edit your pictures or videos, then you probably know well there is no dearth for such apps. In fact, millions of apps are available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Both having over 2 million apps; the figures were just over 50,000 at the end of 2009. So you can imagine what is rate of new apps being developed.

The above stat of tremendous growth poses a serious question, in fact dilemma, for most users. How to find out the best app according to their preference as there are thousands of apps in each category with dozens being added daily. There is also plenty of unreliable information and fake user reviews so this becomes all too difficult. That’s where the retention rates for apes goes down all the time. What companies can do in this regard? And what’s the remedy? In this post, I will try to shed some light on this aspect.

Retention Rate and how to Sustain It

I briefly discussed about the retention rate above and now will define it further. The average app abandonment rate is nearly 25% after one use. But there are companies like Appnext which provide related services to app providers and ad partners by connecting them. It’s clearly working too. Today its network of participating apps now cover over 650 million unique audience members.

The CEO of Appnext Mr. Elad Natanson is an authority on this subject with over 15 years of starting up tech & internet companies, imagining and developing ideas from ground - up. He is passionate about building new products and changing the world. According to him, there is a lot of scope for mobile apps to make sustained growth and also retain clients too.

In his own words, “Apps have become better, but the overall mobile experience hasn’t. We'll see a big change in this regard in the next one to two years. Up until recently, app growth was considered one of the major challenges for successful app businesses. Today, app usage has become the new “growth hacking” goal, with vast majority of apps opened only once after being installed. Users are tired; they are overwhelmed. App developers, platforms and operating systems will have to adjust to this reality. App streaming, introduced by Google in 2015, hints at the direction the industry is likely to be taking.”

3 Aspects to Look for before Developing a Brilliant App

There are many aspects that you must consider to make sure your app will be among the apps which can keep users engaged and generate good revenue as a result. I will now list 3 of the most important ones so that you can be sure that your app will be one of them which can get the attention of the masses.

1. Type of App

They type of app you will produce is what makes all the difference right at the onset. You need to research the market and go to the app store and Google Play store to check out what’s in so that you can have an idea about what type of app can give you maximum benefit. But don’t just go about the revenue right for the start or make the mistake of selecting an app type which you can’t complete with the work force you have.

While there are many categories and subcategories, one of the most popular ones are games apps and that related to entertainment and photo/video editing. But as the demand for these categories is great so is the competition. So keep in mind you’ll encounter tough days ahead in marketing for your app in a highly saturated online app market.

2. Free or Paid?

While you can earn recognition and then revenue too through a free app, a paid app is what can give you better ROI. But you need to consider many factors here. If you will try to market your app as a paid one, you will find few takers willing to shell out money for a new app. On the other hand, a free app will find many takers but you will have t wait for it to perform really well so that you can start earning through ads or other means.

A middle way is that develop a free app and make some of the features that can only be activated after a user will pay some amount. This model works for many types of apps like a game as a user addicted to your app will want to go the next level and will turn into a paid user. The choice is yours bit you need to make sure it is done after much market research so that you don’t have to rue your decision.

3. Operating System

While there are just 2 most popular operating systems namely Android and iOS, there are other OS too. As a new company trying to venture in the market, you should go for Android as over 80% of the smartphones worldwide use Android. It’s a safe bet too as your app will be seen by millions of users looking for a new app all the time. And when your app becomes a hit with Android users, you can then proceed with iOS too.

So in the beginning, you must concentrate on a single platform rather than going for 2 or 3 platforms which will be difficult to implement and also quite costly as finding the developers who are expert on respective platforms will be time consuming as well.

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