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About this blog


Hello, my name is Andrew (ZzGERTzZ), I have been developing computer games for more than 12 years and some time ago I started to develop kits for unreal engine 4 developers.
The purpose of these kits is extensive billet for developers who are motivated to create their own game projects on a popular engine unreal engine 4, but does not know where to start or for lack of experience in one direction or another.

Character Interaction

In this package, the mechanics of interaction between the character and the environment are implemented, as well as a game controller with hundreds of animations and content in the form of models of weapons, effects, and so on.

[Character Interaction Video]
[Character Interaction Update 1]
[Character Interaction Update 2]


Close Combat: Swordsman

The package contains: a combat system, a fully animated character set with a sword, a move system (walk, run, jump), and a system for increasing the level of the character.

[Close Combat: Swordsman Video]
[Close Combat: Swordsman Update 1]



If such kits become popular, I will try to add projects covering as many different genres of games as possible.

Thank you for attention,

Entries in this blog



I continue to implement class controllers for the "Progect Genom" project. On the turn of the cover is a fast and maneuverable class.  




Current work.

At the moment I'm working on the game "project genom." I implement assault mech control.
[Assault Mech "Rouge" video 1]
[Assault Mech "Rouge" video 2]



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